Kid mooned at via Burnout Paradise

A 12 year-old boy was shocked when a feature on his PS3 game Burnout Paradise delivered a picture of a naked man's bottom to his console.

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mighty_douche3964d ago

"CBS TV have used the incident as an example of how paedophiles groom children for sex using Internet games"

It's an ass! That's it... sometime's i really hate how the media spin things.
Personally, if someone got me with a "takedown" and his ass popped up on screen it would give me a chuckle.

Lifendz3964d ago

That is just crazy. If it's that bad I'm at the point where I'm ready to say Parents shouldn't let children under 16 play games online at all. There's just no way to police everything said/done and it's just going to result in games getting overtly censored.

JsonHenry3964d ago

Since when did mooning your opponent ever become "sexual" when taunting them?!

This world does not make sense any more. There are just TOO many idiots out there now.

Violater3963d ago

One day if you guys ever have kids you will see the world in a whole new light.

MikeD1593963d ago

I've seen worse on Burnout O_o

thisguywithhair3963d ago

I am a father and I would just like to say that in this context there is no reason for such an outrage.

Now if this guy had gone on MSN or something and emailed my daughter that picture then I would be concerned.

sonarus3963d ago

haha to be honest that whole crash cam was a bad idea. Do you really expect to see someone pose for a picture when he gets a take dwn. I knw the minimum i would do would be a middle finger

Lifendz3963d ago

WHen I have kids I will make sure they're involved in no online games because of the high frequency of racism. A butt being shown is nothing worse than what you see on MTV or in the WWE. Stop the madness. If you can't monitor what your children are doing then don't let them do it. Plain and simple. I had a girlfriend who let her son watch Family Guy because she thought it was just a cartoon. The kid was 3 btw. I showed her an episode and that was the end of that. Parents choose to remain ignorant then Parents have no one to blame but themselves.

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GutZ313964d ago

when did mooning some one equal sexual as apposed to insulting?

ukilnme3964d ago

I thought PSN users were supposed to be more mature.

GutZ313964d ago

there is an age group under 18, and above 30 that we have no control over ;(

littletad3964d ago

Goes to show you, one service isn't more "mature" than the other. Just depends on whose actually playing.

Saint Sony3964d ago

... and we can control the age group in between 18 and 30 years?.. LOL, they're the worst.

Kids under 30 are still wondering where all their bodyhair comes from, it has to be shown to the public in any way possible.

The BS Police3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

The only reason why PSN seems better is because there are less people with mics than XBL when usually everybody has one.

PSN is not more mature,XBL is not more mature, N4G is not more mature, it's the internet, there are idiots everywhere.

heroman7113963d ago

@ bs police
yup totally agree with u there. psn use to be quiet but ive noticed alot more ppl have headsets now and yup they are a bunch of idiots

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The Closing3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Here we go again...

let the sensationalists have their spin. f em.

GavLam883964d ago

To be honest, i would just laugh. But thats the media for ya....

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