Euro price cut for Xbox 360, says FT

A bit from the Eurogamer article: "The German edition of The Financial Times is claiming the Xbox 360 Arcade has dropped by EUR 80 across Europe." To read more follow the link

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Iamback3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

This is very good move from MS, this puts little pressure on PS3. PS3 has been outselling 360 since day 1 of its release(in EUROPE), can't wait to see if that trend will continue in next weeks or not.
I think has mostly been done because GTA4 is coming out and they hope to sell to that audience. "better" version of GTA4 and cheaper system...good strategy i have to say.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33965d ago

Poor sad people who buy this plie of CR*P!!!

Antan3965d ago

Don`t like it? don`t buy it.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33965d ago

GTA4 isn't a better version on xBox360???????
What a load of RUBBISH!!! ;-D
You guys crack me up!!! ;-D

LastDance3965d ago

It would be wise not to pick an arcade pack up.

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