Xbox 360 adventure Lost Planet will launch simultaneously on phones

The high-profile Xbox 360 game will go on sale in January, and at the same time a mobile version will be released across all the major networks.

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rj815893d ago

ev3n teh C3LL P0N3 version will ki11 teh PS3 gamz lOOOL SUXORZ

TheMART5893d ago (Edited 5893d ago )

Haha this is funny for real. Does your Cell-phone has a Cell processor? Soon it will! Bye bye PS3 ;)

Anyone just read the Hexus hands-on for Gears of War? This will be a green X-mas all over for sure! And then Lost Planet to get the war going and Halo 3 to finish the fight!

Boink5893d ago

that's freaking awesome...

Scrooge5893d ago

Bummer, there goes our exclusivity. lol

ElFozzie5893d ago

And I submitted it! Was trying to see who voted it lame. LOL. :)

BIadestarX5892d ago

I honesly can see with a straight face to anyone playing games on a phone. Maybe 10 years from now when they are worth playing it. If you want portable game system, get a ds or psp.

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