Two new models of DS

Already in the pip(top) of charts, the small portable console of Nintendo should take very soon a small blow of boost in more thanks to these two new models worked again by the Japanese artist Milo. The DS Milo will thus get dressed of attractive heads of monkeys as well as Mario's heads. In brief, the side very " kawaii " (good-looking) of this two new Nintendo DS Lite risk to please more than a Japanese. Arrival foreseen(planned) on April 1st of this year

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Minimee3966d ago

the gold one is pretty cool ! :) i want one !

RecSpec3966d ago

It's ok, not as cool as the other special ones, Zelda, Nintendogs, Pokemon.

sanjisan3966d ago

The design looks like Super Paper Mario. Sweet ;)

3966d ago
DonSqueak3966d ago

kawaii doesn't mean "good-looking" though. It's more like "cute"