Tales of Vesperia Info & New Trailer In March

Akayuki writes:

"Nacmo Bandai has announced that their successful Tales of RPG series has sold more than 10 million copies since the first title was released.

Following this announcement, the company also revealed that the next installment in the series, Tales of Vesperia for the Xbox 360 will be released late in 2008. A new trailer will also be released in mid-March on Xbox LIVE.

A spokesman also mentioned that "release on other platforms are being considered.""

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1stKnighT3927d ago

I'm not to knowledgeable on jrpg's but if this has already been established as a fan favorite and a hit in Japan than it might have the biggest impact for the 360 so far. Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey were both successful but Microsoft needs a proven exclusive like a Dragons Quest or a FF to make a real impact on the 360.

green3927d ago

with this game lunching towards the end of the year along with Infinite Undiscovery, it will hopefully have a bigger impact on 360 sales in Japan.

Baliw3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

maybe, but remember that PS3 is getting some RPG love this year.
Valkyria Chronicles, White Knight Story, FF?, Disgaea 3...
Also, previous exclusives like 'Eternal Sonata' are heading to PS3 now, so it could happen with Vesperia too.

ruibing3927d ago

I personally believe 360 ruined the chances of new JRPG IPs. Eternal Sonata was a new JRPG with high production value on the 360, but it hardly sold more than Folklore on the PS3. Instead a terribly generic one called Blue Dragon sold more at half a million.

The Tales series has always been overshadowed by the FF series, so this might either be their chance to break into new markets or mark their end. I hope it sells well so they will have the money to port it to the PS3.

ZackFair3927d ago

Hopefully it will do well.

ps360s3927d ago

PS3 has RPG'S coming out aswell soo this will not have a big impact on the Xbox 360 in Japan but will proberly do well for awhile but thats all it can really do...I really don't think Xbox 360 can sell like the PS3 or Nintendo Wii over there at all.

Anyway long as both systems bring out good games I'm happy

3927d ago