Super Smash Bros. Brawl having online troubles?

TVGB: " experience with The Big N's foray into online with this gargantuan title so far isn't a very pleasant one. I'd give them a thumbs down even. I finally did manage to connect about 5 hours later and played 5 matches in a row. The games ran smooth with no lag and I was enjoying myself. After the 5th match though? The servers crapped out again and I failed to connect to another player."

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permutated3966d ago

It's been a bumpy ride so far.

JsonHenry3966d ago

I have a question - can two people play on the same Wii against two other people online?

Like, can my wife and myself play against other people owning only one Wii?

KnowitAll3966d ago

I coun't play online, its like no one was online. Finnaly 2 other people where thier waiting but left once the 4th didn't show.

Brawl Kicks ass!!!

"Like, can my wife and myself play against other people owning only one Wii? "
No you can't its only 1 player per wii.

Jinxstar3966d ago

Yeah I played 1 match no prob. Have yet to be able to connect again though...

Kwertie3966d ago

Holy crap, newsflash

Console with free online has issues on release day of major game.

Seriously, this isn't news. Maybe when Xboxlive was down and I couldnt even get my dashboard (lol paid service), but if all this prevents you from doing is playing online for free, well its no major loss. Just go play one of the many modes, unlock characters or something.

gameov3r3966d ago

It's a big issue if people buy the game for a feature listed on the box and it doesn't work, free or not.

It also damages any confidence people have in the 'Pay to Play' service they've announced.

3966d ago
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