[Update] Super Smash Bros. Brawl Errors: More than meets the eye

Destructoid writes: A few gamers around the world who picked up SSBB on launch day, will not be able to play it for up to a week. The reason? The DVD lens in the Wii is dirtier than Paris Hilton. Nintendo has a remedy for you and plans to make the fix for free. What's the problem? Like the transformers, this is far more than meets the eye.

#1 A rep from Nintendo has confirmed that dust are smoke are not the only cause. Some drives are in fact bad. The point being, Nintendo has lied to you about the cause of SOME of these errors.

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Room 641-A 8 5neDDaM3964d ago

are you serious? I know that this problem is nowhere near the level of rrod (I hope), but after reading the article Nintendo better get a lid on this story -- quick.

Damn, does this mean that Sony built the most reliable nex-gen console, bar-none? Incredible.

PeterGriffinSays3964d ago

PS3 had the YLOD [Yellow Light of Doom] but those were very, very rare to get. Not even 1% I believe.

znu3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

i have had 3 ps3's fry on me, the first one got YLOD, the other two were defective out of the box(one shut of 10 min into a game and the other scratched my discs.)

I guess the fourth was the charm( The consumer service agent was very helpful, and i guess he calmed me down alot while assuring i would get a perfect system next time)

So here i am, to bad i suck at all my games now, two months without playing.

still the ps3's i got sent were already defective, so they weren't spoiled, they were like that before being sent, then again those arn't problems one notices(disc being scratched and games turn off 10 min into it)

pwnsause3964d ago

some people are just not born with luck.

E3053964d ago

Oh noes!! Not another faulty system. I think that Nintendo will be fixing these fast without warranty clauses and such.

Cyrus3653964d ago

So what's the short form of this Error? IF 360 is RROD, what's this UTRDE (Unable To Read Disc Error)? Not as catchy

Tarmgar3964d ago

To me, sounds like "You Turd". I like it :)

misterssippi3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Since the lens is causing smoking, i'm gonna go with 'Smoke and Mirrors' S&M

bootsielon3964d ago

I'm not surprised. Virtual Boy 2 FTL.

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The story is too old to be commented.