XboxOZ360 Frontlines: Fuel of War Review

Send in the Drones! Those laughy daffy Drones!

GrathiusXR writes: "The Xbox 360 is home to many First Person Shooters that have set the bar high in terms of intensity, game play, graphics, and overall design. While the latter of them dominating the online community and offline and offering similar end results, Kaos Studios sought to add and give the gamer a difference experience to your usual FPS."

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destroyah3966d ago

Ouch. First Kingdom Under Fire, then Lost Odyssey, and now this. What's going on with 360 games this year? Did Microsoft release the only good exclusives they had in 07? Why not think about the future?

gaminoz3966d ago

They've still got Fable 2, Gears 2, ummm and a few others to go that should be good. Sony has what...Gran Turismo, MGS, and Resistance 2. So a few on each side.

AngryHippo3966d ago has to get a 9 or 10 to be a great game. I have this game and i think its great fun especially online. Dont knock it if you havent played it. 'Why not think about the future?', i am pretty sure they have and thats why there is a constant stream of games coming out throughout this year for the 360. Anyway judging by your comment you are posting just to start some sort of argument or annoy someone, so shouldn't it really go in the open zone?!.

i Shank u3966d ago

bought this game and havent picked up halo or COD4 in awhile, its hard to put down. singleplayer is pretty good and the online is crack

Bolts3966d ago

...that all 360's exclusives are so called "tripple A".

dukegodtezza3966d ago

and its fun,once u start playing u cant turn it off
and i was shocked the single player was very good, short butt good