G4 Folds Into E! Tent

Comcast is consolidating its West Coast entertainment networks, bringing G4 management under the E! Networks tent.

E! and Style chief Ted Harbert has been given the newly created title of CEO, Comcast Entertainment Group. He will continue to report to Comcast Programming Group President Jeff Shell. G4 President Neal Tiles, who joined the network in September 2005, will now report to Mr. Harbert.

G4's executive staff will move into E!'s Los Angeles offices. Sources said layoffs among the G4 staff are likely, though Mr. Harbert said it's too soon to tell.

"When there is consolidation, if we find there's overlap in administrative and support positions, we'll have tough calls to make," he said. "But we haven't looked at that yet."

Mr. Harbert said he has not yet decided whether G4's Santa Monica production facilities will move as well. "They're shooting shows in very expensive space, but we're already maxed out at this building," he said. "I don't know what the answer is, but nothing will happen for a while."

Mr. Harbert's duties for E! and Style will not change. As for G4, Mr. Harbert said he will weigh in on programming decisions but emphasized that Mr. Tiles will continue to run the network.

"I believe that when somebody has a title that says they run the operation, they should run the operation," he said. "My main job is to fight to get him resources [from Comcast] for programming and marketing. They don't have nearly enough of a marketing budget."

specialguest6456d ago

wow, this kinda sucks. when Tech Tv merged with G4, it took away some of what the original fans and viewers were fimiliar with and loved. now that the E! is managing G4TV, consider whatever's left over from Tech Tv completely gone.

THWIP6456d ago

TechTV used to be my favorite channel. Call for Help, The ScreenSavers, X-Play, TechLive, Fresh Gear....all great shows. But, G4 ruined, or cancelled my favorite shows. AOTS is 100% garbage, X-play is less about games, and more about stupid skits.....and if I f***ing want to watch Star Trek all f***ing weekend, I'll buy/rent the DVD sets. Not to mention, the stupid bling-bling drift-racing bulls**t and other crap, that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with games, sci-fi, or technology. E!/G4TV can kiss my hairy white ass.

scriptkiddie6456d ago

I used to watch Tech TV all the time, and those were some of my favorite shows. G4 took over, like you said and all the good shows were cancelled. Even X-play is not as good as it once was. Now all they play all the time is Star trek.

Ravenator5296456d ago

The shame is that they were great channels before the TechTv and G4 merge.

Then you had all of this anamosity between the old TechTv shows and G4 shows.

The last straw for me was when they cancelled ("Unscrewed": With Martin Sargent)and technically replaced it with the sh1tpile shows of the (Whip Set).

I knew the station was in its final days when all you get to see is old reruns of Star Trek 2.GHAY!

calderra6456d ago

Remember what happened just before the channell TNN went under? It was playing Star Trek and Man Show reruns almost 24/7.

Remember what happened when SpikeTV almost went under? It was playing ST and The Man Show 24/7.

Remember what happened when G4 went under? It was playing ST and The Man Show 24/7.

Two years from now:
Remember when E! went under? It was playing...

DEIx15x86456d ago (Edited 6456d ago )

When TechTV was on it always felt like a small group but now that it is gone it seem like the fans are everywhere. Long Die G4! Just keep on sucking away every dime of Comcast's wealth!


Anime Games Need A Break From Arena Fighters

With so many anime games these past couple of years, there's a growing, noticeable pattern in these games that are growing stale — the Arena Fighter.

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Huey_My_D_Long1d 17h ago

I think Arena Fighters are the worst fighting subgenre to go to. Why havent the west gotten Shonen Jump games in the style of Marvel Vs. Capcom 2? Or Anime fighter like DBZ Fighterz but not just dragon ball? Arena Fighters just arent very good fighter imo. Even the best Arena Fighter series Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm I feel is pretty mediocre as a fighting game

Nasty_Neeeks2h ago

The best Arena Fighter was Tenkaichi 3 and now it’s about to be Sparking Zero. Other Anime series just can’t pull it off as well as Dragonball can

Skuletor1h ago

Have you seen Hunter×Hunter Nen×Impact yet? It sounds exactly like what you're looking for.

-Foxtrot1d 15h ago

We need more AAA anime games that are single player story driven, like you are experiencing another arc or something within that show. It's either fighting games or games that feel shallow with not much going for them, the kind which are made for the sake of it because the fanbase will eat it up anyway.

I want to see a proper well made game by great studios of Cowboy Bebop, Tenchi Muyo, Sailor Moon, Dirty Pair Flash etc

blackblades11h ago

One piece is that one of the anime thats not Pokemon and digimon that ive seen that has plenty of games outside of fighting.

Michiel19897h ago

dragon ball, naruto had some pretty good ones although a lot of them are still fighters and I think there are plenty of games from lesser known animes that aren't that, but I haven't really kept up with anime so maybe I'm completely wrong.

S2Killinit16h ago

I would like a pokemon smash style anime inspired games.

Flewid63814h ago

The entire fighting game genre needs a break from anime.

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Games Need To Stop Announcing Too Early

There are a number of issues that arise whenever games decide to announce early so let's go over some of them to find out why this is a bad practice.

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phoenixwing4d ago

To be honest I'd rather know stuff is in the works but other ppl throw fits over it so it's whatever

porkChop4d ago

I'd rather they announce a game when it's like 3 months away. Quick little advertising campaign, round of interviews, gameplay deep dive, and a launch trailer. That's all you need. Cheaper marketing rather than wasting resources trying to maintain hype over like 4 years.

SimpleDad4d ago

Also, it's more likely that people will be hyped up and make an impulse purchase, or a preorder if the release date is announced.