"Stop Buying Games!" - It's in Australia's "interest"

With yet another raise in interest rates, the Government is urging consumers to cut back on, ahhh, consuming. Gaming included, as dkpatriach explains.

dkpatriach writes: "So screams yesterday's Courier-Mail headline. Okay, to be completely honest the headline never actually said 'games', but it did say "Stop Spending, Warns Reserve". The first paragraph reads: "Australian consumers have been given a blunt warning to stop big spending or risk more interest-rate pain"."

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SpaceCowgirl3964d ago

Once you guys fix your toilets, then you know, maybe you can be considered a real country.

gaminoz3964d ago

Fix our toilets? You mean the ones that have dual flush so that we aren't so wastefull and can save water? And what has that got to do with anything? Have you actually been here?

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SpaceCowgirl3962d ago

I figured my statement was random and stupid enough people would see that it was a joke. Guess not. P.S. I love Australia.

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gaminoz3964d ago

Out of curiosity...what's the average variable home loan rate where you guys come from? I can't believe we are heading for 10% here.

Brixxer6003964d ago

I can get 5% rate from my lender (Aberdeen Scotland), which is pretty damn good.

gaminoz3964d ago

5%! Wow. I'd fix my home loan for our maximum 5 years at that rate! I've heard that in the US you can have 30 year fixed!

sa_nick3964d ago

How's about this. Everyone in Australia stop buying game from aussie sellers. Import directly from the US. Postage can cost $30, but you'll still be getting it cheaper and $110/$120 that they charge in stores and online aussie stores.

gaminoz3964d ago

Yeah at some places you can get some new releases for $79 AUD but it's still more than in the U.S., even with exchange. Lots of us buy from Play Asia or ebay because of that but only if the game is region free. I think that buying from the US will still contribute to our individual debt, which won't help inflation it won't solve anything (except we get games cheaper!)

calis3964d ago

Online retailers sell them for much less than in store prices.

Asurastrike3964d ago

This is funny. It's exactly the opposite of what the US government wants. Our gov is telling us to SPEND SPEND SPEND!

gaminoz3964d ago

Yeah and I bet your interest rates are better than the 8-10% we are looking at for home loans! We've got the economy but too much debt!

calis3964d ago

Interest rates are around 9.3%

LastDance3964d ago

in the 80s n 90s LABOUR was running the government and the interest rates were at 15%+ and the economy was in major debt. Then the LIBERALS came in to fix this Sh!tty economy and they took us out of debt and built a strong economy.
I think we were at 3.5% or something ridiculously low.
and then every1 voted out liberals John howard(the only country to vote out a government when they had a soaring economy) and douche bag Rudd(LABOUR) came in and oh..oh..whats happening?...Interest rates are going up faster then ever and slowly more working class citizens cant own a home...

and all of a sudden our economy is in danger....

Australia deserves what they get for voting in Labour.

ECM0NEY3964d ago

@1.1 i think he ment your toilets flush in the opposite though

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