Immersive vs. Pick-up-and-play

In his latest Beyond the D-Pad column at Netjak, Rick Healey ponders on the tension between the two concepts – a game you can just pick up and put down easily, and a game that can absorb you for countless hours.

"In one of the stranger moments for me this past week, I found myself comparing No More Heroes and Disgaea... Basically, both games are not something you can just pick up and put back down...

The problem, though, is that the portion of the video gaming market that goes for such in-depth games is fairly small. People seem to struggle with the reasoning behind why so many of the Wii games that have been successful early on have been mini-game collections, party games, and the like. Well, call me crazy, but I think it's because most of the really successful Wii games have been easy to just pick up or put down."

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