Why I Don't Shop At Game-centric Retail Stores

TVGB: "I can deal with all the stuff that goes into going into a game-centric store because I understand that the employees are doing their job. Half the time they don't want to force anything on you, but it's in their job description, in the end it's my right as a consumer to turn down what I'm not interested in anyway."

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gEnKiE3967d ago

...cause the employees are douche bags. Nothing like stuck up gamers.

JsonHenry3967d ago

I try to avoid the stores as well. And because of the employees. Bunch of know it all idiots. I leave the store wanting to go back in and beat the sh!t out of the little pimple faced geeks.

For some reason they always say/are talking about something that really pisses me off. I can get past the sales pitches myself, but the general way they speak to people makes my blood boil.

gEnKiE3967d ago

lmao...Couldn't agree more with ya.

Brixxer6003967d ago

I've been going to the same independent game store since the PS1, i wouldn't go anywhere else,i get great service, have never missed a console or game on launch day, never once have they tried to sell me something i don't want, i will never use Game/Gamestop or whatever they're called, they offer poor trade in values and sell all games at RRP (retail recommended price), total rip off.

ry-guy3967d ago

I wish I had a store like yours close, Brixxer.

The only two times I have reserved games were for Halo 2 and 3. Swept up in the hype and a group of buddies what could go wrong?

Anyways, the thing that I observed both times is those people that run those midnight launches are usually the most rude employees they could manage. On top of that they are on these rediculous power trips. Patrolling the lines, glaring at everyone, and arrogant too. Gah.

arm57rong3966d ago

wouldnt you be a little rude if you worked since 1pm and midnight rolls around and after you spent the entire day relaxing and playing video games they were still there making sure got your precious game first so u can play it before them?

I work at Gamestop and to be honest I hate the company as much as the next average joe, but this bashing has got to stop. The reason we push this stuff is because its our goddamn job. Never will I myslef be rude to a customer because I love what I do and love that it can out me through college. For the record I am not a "pimple faced" geek and you should be ashamed to call yourself a gamer, for relying on that stereotype. The bottom line is we all know this stuff is a joke...but this is corporate America. Noone is forcing you to reserve or trade in...its up to you. So dont complain about crappy trade ins if you do it anyways.

Ok Ive vented....have a great night!

Cynical-Gamerzus3967d ago

I have noticed that gameshops target young and naive people I.e..more or less losers type gamers.Same way Check-Cashing places do their business.
I only go to game shops for early release or quick grab.But I do do alot of my shopping online or at Walmart or Bestbuy.

Great article ...

Junior45653966d ago

My Gamestop is pretty cool maybe since this is a small town of people who play games and what not but they were pretty cool they never really bother you too much and the manager cool.I personally would love to have a job there not to much traffic, cool management, and nice atmosphere but, at the other nearest Gamestop in a much busier place it is rather annoying to be there but your not staying in there forever so it cool

P.S. I know my Gamestop is pretty good but my one pet peeve about it is they get some games a day or so late and most of their shipments go to the other Gamestop