Starcraft 2 Zerg Screenshots

The rumors have been proven to be truth. Blizzard Entertainment is about to unveil the Zerg race for Starcraft 2. Screenshots have started to pour in and outwards from South Korea, and dazzling poor translations explaining the unit abilities.

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Presentist3963d ago

I loved the first one, but this one looks like the formula change that Warcraft 2 undertook to become Warcraft 3.

Just don't know yet, whether or not I like the new look. I'm so used to Starcraft of old.

Scerick3963d ago

If you're talking about the gameplay it will not be undergoing the same changes that WarCraft did from two to three. They have stated several times in interviews and podcasts that they are keeping the StarCraft formula the same. Fast and epic with a focus on macro managing vs WarCraft's slower smaller scale with a focus on micro managing.

Presentist3963d ago

Awesome! Great to know!

I hate micromanaging so thats a huge relief.

MK_Red3963d ago

Scerick is right about the gameplay. SC2 won't be a hero centered micro managing / unit control game but...

But the graphics and visual style has surely gone the WarCraft 3's path (Sadly).

Lich1203963d ago

Im not sure the graphic style has gone that of warcraft 3 so as much as this is blizzard style 3d. Every texture is drawn, which is what bliz has also done. Which personally I love because their games have a much more unique look than their more realistic counter parts. However I do understand peoples contention with it. For example some people think WoW looks childish but I think it looks awesome, so its really a matter of opinion.

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MK_Red3963d ago

Holy moly AWESOME. Finally, my lovely zergs are being shown. Best RTS race... ever! (IMO)

BludoTheSmelly3963d ago

I wanna see a better quality trailer. Perhaps this means the game might get out by years end?

Alcaponeyou3963d ago

hurry up blizzard...
the game looks done.