No Nazi Game for DS in the U.S.

The New York Times reports that "Imagination Is the Only Escape", an upcoming Holocaust-themed DS game developed by 21-year-old British Luc Bernard, will not be distributed within the United States.

The game casts players in the role of a young boy in eastern France during the German occupation who seeks escape from real-life horror through a fantasy world. The game is darkly illustrated and full of gruesome historical facts -- including how the Nazis tortured children.

Mr. Bernard, whose mother is Jewish, said in a telephone interview that his Holocaust game was meant to be educational, and there will be no on-screen violence in this product.

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bootsielon3965d ago

This is bullsh1t, it's probably some neocons' and other douches' fault.

Ri0tSquad3965d ago

Well, theres a first for everything.

KidMakeshift3965d ago

That's too bad

I'd like to play a WWII game that isn't another FPS

ultraviolentz3965d ago

only on DS could a game made by a non gamer possibly be any good

bootsielon3965d ago

You would say that. When you refer to the "f***ing jews" in PM, it's not really surprising.

Rocko3965d ago

I don't waste my time & money playing fantasy garbage. I like Mario on my DS. Maybe you can import it, douchebag.

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