Call of Duty 4 Gun Sounds Video

From the maker of the BF2 Gun Sounds Video comes the Call of Duty 4 Gun Sounds video. Made up entirely of Call of Duty 4 Gun sounds. Includes awesome silenced pistol solo.

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TwissT3965d ago

Yo thats fricken sick, some one should rap to song.

Lord Anubis3965d ago

ha ha ha very nice, i liked the half life video and i like this video as well. I wish i could have the creative side of my brain as active as the guys that makes those videos.

Satanas3965d ago

The shotgun provides an awesome backbone to the rhythm.

Bolts3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Unfortunately CoD 4 doesn't sound very good, and thats the truth. The gun sounds are all very generic and lacks the cracking effect of most real guns like the M16 and AK. To compound the issue there isn't any enviromental effects what so ever. All the guns sound the same regardless if you're firing inside a room, down the hallway or across the street. The sound doesn't "bounce" and travel as it would in the real world.

Check this out if you wanna see gun sounds done right,granted the Insurgency mod is basically gun porn gone wild.


TheIneffableBob3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

I agree. Many of Call of Duty 4's weapons sound quiet and lack any real punch to them. The Insurgency mod team did a really good job on the audio in their mod.

Nostradamus3965d ago

But in the distance, COD4 sounds good, just not up close.

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