US Today: Video games for the young at heart

GoNintendo has a scan of a Sunday article from USA Today. The article writes a trend set by Nintendo's Wii but could not have been made possible traditional video game consoles like the PlayStation. The trend is "nana-technology": technology that everyone including your grandma can use. Nintendo's Wii is getting seniors and retirees like 78-year-old Ted Campbell -- who has never been (and is still not) interested in traditional video game consoles -- into gaming for the first time.

Read the USA Today article in the scan at GoNintendo.

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ktchong3965d ago

As long as PS3 has 12 or 15 or god-know-how-many buttons on its overly-complex controller, seniors and moms and aunts and little girls are not going to bother with the PS3.

I came from a (hardcore) PC gaming background and just made the transition to console gaming recently. For PC games, I use an intuitive, natural interface == THE MOUSE to control.

When I first used an Xbox controller, my first reaction was "sh!t, too many buttons". And PlayStation controller has even MORE buttons -- which is ridiculous. If I coming from a HARDCORE PC gaming background HATE HATE HATE the overly complex PlayStation controller, there's no way seniors and moms and aunts would ever get around that thing.

That's why they will go for Wii and skip PlayStation 3. And as long as the senior and mom market segments are out of Sony's reach, there's no way the PS3 can realistic outsell the Wii on a consistent basis.

Just common sense: the Wii just has an overall bigger market compared to the PS3 (just think about how many old people and women are out there who would not have bothered with the PS3 controller but would get hooked on the Wii.)

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