Gamers duped, not hosted by Sega

Sega apparently wasn't the one behind asking gamers, "Do you still own a Dreamcast?" was updated Saturday, sparking speculation from fans of a possible revival from Sega, which ended production of the console back in 2001.

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patlike3972d ago

There's a pending story which shows is owned by Sega.

kspraydad3972d ago

are looking a WHOIS info...all of that is user input so it can say whatever the domain owner wants it to say.

I used to run a football site and the whois info all looked like it was owned by the local professional team (there were legit reasons for this I assure you).

Enigma_20993972d ago

And I'd like to know what's going on...

kspraydad3972d ago

The Google Adsense on the site would be a tip off that it isn't really Sega no?

Here is the Google Adsense owner's ID : pub-8310719792636859 now we just need an 'insider' to tell us who that is.