Games That Launched the Band -

Steve Schnur is worldwide executive of music and marketing for Electronic Arts. It's a high-level job that puts him in charge of the company's overall musical standing -- he is responsible for the pursuit, creation, and continuous development of the global vision for music in EA games.

He believes that musical artists in the past few years have begun to see video games not as a product in which to license their music, but as an integral role in their careers. spoke to him about his work in the game industry and his views on music in games.

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LastDance3964d ago

"Game like no one's watching. Understand that we are on the cusp of one true global culture. Challenge your equipment, your teachers, your eyes and ears, and most of all, yourselves. Challenge everything!"

Very inspiring. If there's one thing EA gets mostly right, its the music side of games.

I first heard my all time fav band on Gran turismo 1 and after that bought all their cds from england.

Good times.

3964d ago