MaxConsole: Google cashing in from Xbox 360 piracy, promoting pirate games

Max Console writes: A user recently started up a forum thread which asked why we were promoting pirated Xbox 360 games on the forum. After experiencing what he was talking about for ourselves, it is clear that Google themselves are actually accepting adverts for pirated Xbox 360 games and displaying them on websites. The particular advert states "Xbox 360 Xtreme Games from just £4.00". So for the record, Google is displaying such adverts and they are not coming from us directly.

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niall773928d ago

teh conspiracy. :O

I bet google just didnt know what Xtream games are and that the ad has been removed from google ads.

killer_trap3927d ago

for a network as big as google they should've been more careful with what they advertise. i wouldn't blame microsoft if they file a lawsuit.

Alcaponeyou3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

M$ vs Netscape all over again.
history repeats itself but the outcome could be different.

Bladestar3927d ago

lol... google is starting to catch some serious heat.... hehe...
First, one of their sites (utube blocked in some country).... then google putting the united stated national security at risk by publishing satelite images of military sites... which cause them to banned, have restriction and forced to comply and remove satelite images... now... supporting piracy by selling illegal site ads...

Why do I have the feeling that at the rate google is going... they are probably going to labeled a terrorist organization?... lol.. just kidding...

Electronic Arts3927d ago

I should buy google, I will make it harder and tell em to only make games I like, shooters and stuff

Maybe I'll close em down and make a new company called EA GOOG

RecSpec3927d ago

Hey, for all we know they could just be the Burger King games.

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