Top Ten Ways to Die in Video Games says:
"Come with me today on a journey on the morbid side of video gaming, a topic that allows you to conquer the one fear that all of us have, and the one thing in this life that's inevitable, death. Some comical, some gruesome, all of them thought provoking and always entertaining."

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TheHater3927d ago

Top Ten Die in Video Games.
WTF? lol....that too funny

supahbad3927d ago

worst way to die is to turn the corner, and see kratos with an angry face

hotzizzy3927d ago

Although that alone wouldn't kill you. It's what he'll do to you after looking at you with an angry face that is so bad.

calis3927d ago

Accidentally falling off the side is the most annoying way to die.

gEnKiE3927d ago

Falling into water.....You can save the world and take down the evil sorcerer but you can't swim?

SpaceCowgirl3927d ago

The most awesome way to die is to strap your jeep with a ton of explosives and jump off a bridge, into a great chasm and land on a bunch of enemy players and exploding killing everything as you hit the ground.

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