NZGamer: Wii Fit Preview - "Finally, a chance to get fit and have a lot of fun!"

NZGamer writes: Wii Fit is that little light at the end of the podge tunnel, for probably quite a few people who should get outside a little more. It's hard though, especially as the weather is getting colder, and, well, gaming is just so much more fun – isn't it? Thankfully, Wii Fit, while getting you moving, looks to be like quite a lot of fun as well.

The real ooh-la-la here is the new Wii component called the Balance Board. It's basically a small, white, plastic board that you stand on. It can sense when you lean in one direction, or step on and off the board, detect variation in pressure, and even determine your weight! From this very cool (but simple) unit, Wii Fit is able to simulate over forty different exercises, from aerobics to yoga, press-ups and other muscle conditioning activities. If it was an infomertial, Wii Fit would tell you it's compact, easy to use, and is the only piece of exercise equipment you'll ever need!

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