NGamer: Bully: Scholarship Edition Review

NGamer via CVG writes: Grange Hill has been cancelled, Ferris Bueller hasn't had a day off in more than 20 years, and Skool Daze is a faded retro memory, but the spirit of high school hijinks lives on in Rockstar's brilliant Bully - remastered for Wii but essentially the same game that made waves as Canis Canem Edit on PS2 in 2006.

You play Jimmy Hopkins, a 15-year-old tearaway committed by his rich mother and her new husband into the 'care' of Bullworth Academy - a surreal boarding school for misfits. It's divided into factions of preppy posh kids, greasy bikers, beefy jocks and bed-wetting nerds, all of them ruled by thunderous prefects with the power to arrest and humiliate on sight.

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