NZGamer: Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Review

NZGamer writes: The wind kicking up snow, combined with the painful glare, makes both seeing and breathing difficult. The fence to your right is crumbling in the brutal conditions. You have to remind yourself of the sheer drop on the other side. Best to avoid going anywhere near it. Out of the flurry looms a broken down hanger, a welcoming haven that appears just in time to save your life. Your heat reserves are down to single figures.

Out of the snow bursts dozens of giant armoured insects. They thunder towards you, through the air and across the frozen ground. You smile as you unload round after round, grenade after grenade, into the clacking, buzzing throng. Shelter can wait; the smell of death brings a more thrilling warmth.

A year after it appeared on the Xbox 360, Capcom's icebound third person shooter is finally delivered to PS3 owners. And the wait has been worth it because what you get is an atmospheric and polished game.

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