Another contender emerges in DVD-format war

No sooner has the battle for the next-generation high-definition DVD format ended, with Blu-ray triumphing over HD DVD, than a new contender has emerged.

A new system that is incompatible with Blu-ray, called HD VMD, for versatile multilayer disc, is trying to find a niche. New Medium Enterprises, the London company behind HD VMD, says its system's quality is equal to Blu-ray's, but it costs less. By undercutting the competition in production, replication and hardware costs, it thinks it can find a market among consumers with less disposable income, particularly outside the United States.

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Vip3r3964d ago

I think it's too late for another format tbh.

vagina3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

while i agree, you must remember all three of these formats are in their infancy... none of them have any real sales numbers when compared to DVD... so it might not be too late, specifically since china is so damn big. its a long shot yes but not impossible.

as a side note, this third format is combatable with HD DVD thus proving my point as i've said in other posts five years from now you will be able to put HD DVD's into a common hd optical disk drive and it will play... $50 Tri-Format drives will be the norm. fanboys will disagree but they know not about the ways of anything but being blind fanboys.

vagina3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Correction to my above post HD VMD is NOT combatable with HD DVD. However CH DVD is which is a chinese format backed by the chinese government... sorry. I jumped the gun there. But my point stands optical disk players down the road will play all formats.

Storm233964d ago

I agree with you Vip3r. Anyone know how big the disks are?

sonarus3964d ago

lol at toxic yea you did jump the gun there didn't you lol. I doubt these guys can penetrate the US market. Considering how the format war ended i seriously doubt Hollywood would be in much of a hurry to get back into one. At the end of the day it boils down to price and studio support. Blu ray prices are expected to fall to 300 this yr. These guys simply do not have the muscle to take down blu ray at this point.

LastDance3964d ago

toxic diarrhea - sorry man i disagree.

Blu ray is very surely rising to the top. Its all over the shops and every day i hear average joe asking about it.

I wouldnt say its in its infancy. 10mil plus people own a blu ray player. And its only going to grow.

If HDDVD couldnt win. Why in the world does anyone think this format could win.

Clearly the movie studios arent going to keep switching formats.

china just pirates everything anyway, i wouldnt depend on them to raise a format.

ancient1123964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Everyone seems to think what goes on in the US will be the same for the rest of the world.....that's hardly the case. Bluray is done in the US, but definitely not that common yet in other countries like China. Whichever format is cheaper will be the winner there. Look at VCDs, it was still very popular in China a few years back (maybe still is) even though the US never heard of it. The point is, what goes in other parts of the world is independent of what goes on in the US. Movies are distributed differently for each country.
Now that I think about it, DVDs will remain the cheapest for years to come, so for countries like China, format war does not exist.

BrianC62343964d ago

It is too late. Way way way toooooooo late. What are these clowns doing? Price doesn't matter. People wanted one HD format. We have it now. This is like Ross Perot running for President. It won't go anywhere.

barom3964d ago

lol, HD DVD was a much better option than this new HD VMD or wutnot. For one it had a lot of studio support, it had a standard, it was region-free and the cost looks to be the same at least for the consumer and they still lost to BD.

There's no way this HD VMD can even gain any momentum. This article is probably as much as it will get.

SaiyanFury3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

I'm not a BD fanboy, but rather a fan of higher end home theatres. VMD isn't a bad format by any means, but it doesn't support any of the HD audio codecs such as Dolby TrueHD or DTS Master Audio. This reason alone is why I won't be getting a VMD player. I have a powerful home theatre, and i enjoy my lossless audio codecs. VMD might have a target with people with low to mid range home theatres, but with real technophiles it will never find a base. On a different note, the most of the movie companies have already sided with Blu-ray and proclaimed it the victor in the format war. Major store chains like Best Buy and Walmart are already in the process of phasing out HD-DVD materials. I don't doubt that VMD has HD potential, but I think that most consumers are finally confident in investing in a new HD player. But if a new one comes to fruition, it will just confuse the market even more, and the level of HD acceptance will be prolonged even further, which will just hurt the market in the long run. Of course this is only one man's opinion. I could be wrong.

godofthunder103964d ago

br is only popular in a few countries and the countries it's popular in isn't even hurting dvd sales.the other countries will buy the hd-vmd player because it's below $99.
people that says the format war is over need to look at the sales of br,br isn't really takeing off,if you take away the ps3s that people bought for games and the free br discs that was free then br players will far about 50% and br disc sales would fall by more then 50% because they count the br disc that's free as sold brother bought a ps3 and got his free movies and bought them back to wal mart and got 2 games in place of them and i bet that some other people done the same thing.
i didn't care who won before and i don't care now but i don't understand how people still want br when the hd-vmd format player is $200 cheaper,the movies will be about $15 cheaper and it will have the exact picture as br has.
br fans might not like it but if the hd-vmd player start sell well in all the other countried and i don't mean more then br players i mean just enough to hurt the sale of br player then all the movie companies will not beable to ignore the hd-vmd format.
i'm a movie collector and have over a 1000 movies and i'm not buying a br player because the movies are to damn high,i'm not paying $35 for 1 movie when i could get 2 or 3 for the same price,hell i'm buying a hd dvd player even after it lost the format war because it can upgrade dvds to hd and it's only $99 and it cost that much for a regular dvd player that upgrade and it's not as good as the hd dvd player.
people might as well face it,br and hd-vmds will never have the sucess that dvds had.dvd sales have been dropping for the last 5 years and the reason they gave was because of things like streaming movies from the net,ondemand services,pp view,movie clubs and things like apple tv.i'm like the majority of the people,i like to have the dvd in my hand but we are heading into a new age and things like dvds are heading the way cds headed.when people started downloading movies,people said that it will never catch on and i thought the same thing,hell i had over 300 cds and i said that i would never download music because i like to have the store bought version but now i download my music and i can't even remember the last time i bought a cd all i know is it's been years.
i know that they have a lot of people that have br players and movies and belive that the war is over but br isn't hurting dvd sales at all.all the people that i know that collect movies said that they will not own a br or hd dvd player because it cost to much,hell the majority of them stop buying movies already because they just order them on pp view or ondemand and record them because it's cheaper.
i don't care what anyone said downloading movies is the next big thing not br or any other format and we might as well face it.the only thing br will be good for is games and information and games might be heading to downloading to because they are already selling games to download.

neogeo3963d ago

and I will flame anyone that does not agree with me......

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lockload3964d ago

Its not a contender at all in the western market, but there every chance it could take off in india, china

Richdad3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

What in the heaven a Blu ray Movie costs more than games of PS3 and 360 in India. If they can pull of HD-VMD in India for say prics 20-30% higher than DVD's then they have market here since people are bashing pirated DVd since their cost is near abt the origanl DVD and they want HD but not at the cost which Blu Ray asks.
So if they get HD with a little higher cost they will run for it. Speaking of fans movies have ten times more boom than Videogames and most Indian studios if not Hollywood will definitely use this format and not to mention they are popular here. Yeah the Blu ray version of Sawaariya became a high end product but enthusiasts only. Hope Moser baer entertainment supports it they have the best deal.

TheExecutive3963d ago

There is a 0% chance that the major movie publishers switch from bluray to this format.

meepmoopmeep3964d ago

they can try but it won't be easy. Blu-ray already dominates other countries outside of NA. It's been in the media for the past 2 years because of the war and the news of it winning was global and so anyone stepping into the ring would need a miracle.

vagina3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

china is huge, it will take off over there for sure... here is what will happen. i can almost guarantee.

this format will dominate china because its cheap. there will be cheap blu-ray drives produced in china and sold around the world that also support hd vmd. pirates in china will rip blu-ray releases and dump them on to HD VMD disks and sell them on the black market the world over. this is how this format will grow and thrive.

and dont say blu-ray can't be ripped, it can and has been already. there are many blu-ray only hd releases all over the net that can be downloaded, and i'm not talking about the blu-ray only in the us and blu-ray/hd dvd in europe ones either. just do a search on google for it if you don't belive me... try "spiderman 3 blu-ray rip"

IzKyD13313964d ago

i doubt it'll be very popular in the states

SnakeDiesinMGS43964d ago

Hd-dvd was also comparable in video quality and in some instances exceeded bluray's quality and was much cheaper to produce but none of that mattered because Sony had a strong hook on most of the movie studios. Clearly consumers were not a thought in the creation of bluray.

darkshiz3964d ago

HAHAHA funniest comment I've read.
They both use the same damn encoding and Blu Ray have higher bitrate.

Fud spreader I guess.

Have fun with your dead format.

Lumbo3964d ago

clearly the open zone was created just for you


xplosneer3964d ago

It had online capbilites too...LISTEN. ->