First E-mail for "The Sims 3" Gets Sent Out to Fansites

Judhudson writes, "I had this in my inbox for a few days but didn't get a chance to post it. Benjamin Bell, Executive Producer for The Sims 3 has sent out the first round of fansite emails. It's a lengthy read, so here is a short breifing of what you can expect:

-Sims now live in a completely seamless, living neighborhood

-No loading screens for the neighborhood

-View other sims and their lives (even by spying on them)

-Reinvented and realistic Create a Sim

-New realistic personality system called Traits

-Everyone will be able to customize the appearance of everything ingame

-Won't need developer tools to make visual changes to the game."

Click the link to read the full e-mail.

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niall773972d ago

but The Sims was never my thing.

aaron58293972d ago

Sounds awesome... I dont really play the Sims, but i love building houses !! This should be amazing. Is it PC exclusive ?

I hope they make it into consoles too.


P.S My PC sucks ! lol

joten3972d ago

same here. i hope it comes out on the next-gen consoles

The_Synthetic_Nation3972d ago

Sims games always come out for consoles, but are nothing like the PC version. Console Sims always kinda suck, not as much freedom or choices. Console Sims and PC Sims are two completely different games.

aaron58293972d ago

Yeah i agree. But i'm just hoping they make the same sim game for the consoles as well. I always enjoyed the PC sims, as there are way more mods to play around with. Loved the Subaru mod. LOL

Strife Lives3972d ago

My pc is as standard as I got it in 2005. P4 2,8ghz ,512mb ram, and, there isnt even a graphics card,it has a intel graphics adapter,64mb. So, I must be screwed. If it goes to 360,I'l buy it.