BFG GeForce 9600 GT OC 512MB Review

Just recently released is the new successor to the middle / high-end 8600 GT series from nVidia.

- Dubbed the 9600 GT OC, it comes factory overclocked, and it packs a 256-bit memory interface (A *HUGE* improvement and bottleneck reduction from the 128-bit interface of the older 8600s)

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PR0NE3905d ago

but damn i can't keep up upgrading at this rate.... *checks his empty pockets*

bootsielon3904d ago

If I buy the low end, in 6 months my card will be obsolete. If I buy the mid-end, it'll last 1.5 years, and the high end about 3. That's a lot more investment than buying all three consoles, which last on average 6 years (except for the xbox).

xplosneer3904d ago

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PR0NE3904d ago

yeah the site is being moved to a another server.... so the link is not broken, it is actually not existing for the moment. but once the move is finished, all links will be active..

LinuxGuru3904d ago

That's a comparison review, and even so, it's a comparison involving the inferior 9600 gs.

This is the GT version AND it's overclocked.

Thanks, but no thanks.

The site will be back up soon.

ForROME3904d ago

256bit??? Took them long enough consider the Raedon 9800 had 256bit
about time....

LinuxGuru3904d ago

I agree.

But it is oh so sweet....I'm running this baby as my first 256-bit card....and it is GOOD TIMES, YO!

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