MLB 2K8 downloadble content for 360 available (DVD isn't enough)

The Cool Base alternate jerseys and three minor league stadiums (that apparently couldn't fit on the disc) that 2K had promised would come at release are now available in the Xbox 360 Marketplace. Durham Bulls Athletic Park, Hadlock Field, and Legends Field are included. As previously stated these are free to download.

In an interesting twist the content is currently only available to Gold members. Even though it was intended to be included with the game and is meant to go to everyone it seems that the same restrictions placed on demos has been placed on this free content. Thus Silver members are currently unable to obtain the content that they were promised. Hopefully 2K gets on top of this issue as it was a shame that those without Live would miss out completely and it would be ridiculous that people who are connected but just Silver members would have to wait a week to get it.

Also the first pack of trading cards has gone up. In a pleasant surprise "Card Series 2? is free as well. I don't know if there is a way to see what cards are included in the pack but it's safe to assume that they're related to player movement such as adding a Johan Santana Mets card. I checked on both Santana and Erik Bedard and while Santana's card requirement was the same Bedard's was different with it now asking

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Danja3972d ago

yup no wonder GTA4 has DLC....

doodle3972d ago

No wonder x360 is pummeled by ps3 and wii in terms of sales

Only an idiot would ever purchase/keep x360

Only members with GOLD ACCOUNT can get the DLC?

shame on you M$

Bzone243972d ago

Yea, no wonder. Wait, is the ps3 even getting the content for GTA IV? No? That sucks for you.

@dodddle - How exactly did the ps3 pummel the 360? The 360 still leads the ps3 in total sales and the ps3 won't catch up for many years at current rate. 20,000 a week isn't going to get it done for a while.

Bill Gates3972d ago

The BABOONS just love receiving it from M$.....AHAHHHAHAHHAHHAHA

BrianC62343972d ago

I wonder if this DLC is available for the PS3 version? If so I don't really care though. I bought the good baseball game, MLB 08 The Show.

heyheyhey3972d ago


the DLC is already on the Blu-Ray disk, they just had to give DLC to 360 users because it couldn't fit on a DVD9

but i agree- The Show is much better

Danja3972d ago

Agreed PS3 owners need not to pick up this game...MLB 08 : The Show is way better....actually it's the best

decapitator3972d ago

Is been less than 3 years? since this gens gaming started and already devs are maxing out blu-ray's even with compression. Will be interesting to see what Microsoft does to fix the not enough space on dvd issue.

Bladestar3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

well.. it's half way there.. average life cycle for a genration is 5 years... 2-3 years from now we should see the next xbox 360... the xbox 360 is not the only one that has limitations in terms of space... what about the wii? mmmm.. Microsoft is a software company... solution? More compression technologies, more optimized code and libraries and game assets... or simply release games in multiple discs... if it can be distributed via xbox live.. then it can be distributed via another disc...

never understimate the power of new encoding and compression technologies.... remember how MP3 change the music industry? remember how Divx managed to acomplished DVD quality video in less than 1 gig?
How about silverlight? Tecnology used by netflix for digital distribution....

The answer is not always more space... the data still needs to be read from the disc and place into memory... nothing will change the fact that consoles this gen are limited to 512MB of ram... regardless of how much room the disc has... why else developers be requiring hard drive to be able to prevent slow loading?

There was a time when car manufacturers answer to how far cars can go without refilling the gas tank was bigger gas tanks.... mmmm... how about fuel efficient cars? how about engines optimized to consume less gass? same consept here... there is always room to optimize code...

hehe... funny... there is a new movement when it comes to progamming.... it's called "Green Programming"...

this can be applied to the disc too.

The Wood3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

the type of infinite compression your implying will be used can only do so much. Compression will get better but I think the use of textures, larger games, better sound will increase at a faster rate than 'green programming' The wii doesn't factor into this as the ps3 and 360 are next gen machines which means next gen visuals, sound, a.i whatever that thats a moot point. Its not your fault so you dont need to defend MS for a lack of foresight or even a lack of options because of what larger media was available at the time the 360 was created or planned.

With a larger media the compression hurdle does not exist so early into the 360's life. If a larger media wasn't viable at the time then fair enough, what most people want you to acknowledge bladestar is that a larger media IS better for gaming and for the development of games. Like I said its not your fault just like its not my fault my ps3 didn't come with a ds3 so I wont defend it like a newborn

Why you find it so hard to acknowledge the importance or benefits of a larger media is beyond me.

sonarus3972d ago

Blu ray isn't an absolute necessity, but it is a nice option to have. Ps3 has been criticized for including blu ray saying it wasn't necessary. While there are still ways to get around it, at the end of the day its still the best option. Considering ps3 price is simply a stone throw away from 360 price even with blu ray included makes the ps3 a damn good cost effective machine. Msoft should have been looking at the future a little bit more instead of their frantic race to outsell the playstation 3.

The Wood3972d ago

I suppose blocking out people who don't agree with you is your way of dealing with things. tut tut.

TheTwelve3972d ago

Bladespin continues to be confused and use too many ellipses.


marinelife93972d ago

Was the PS3 version put on a Blu-Ray disc?

Guwapo773971d ago

Was that a trick question?

Ok...if it wasn't, all PS3 games are on Blu-Ray disks. Only those games downloaded from the PSN do not.

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Kaz Hirai3972d ago

It couldn't fit on the disc?
Ah, you dumb Xbot MEAT-HEADS! I thought Blu-Ray "wasn't needed"?


360_Rules3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

LMFAO Hahahahahhahaha! So Blu-Ray is so great. Enjoy the loading times on MGS4 and other games! Hahahahhahahahahahaa

pwnsause3972d ago

HAHHHAHHAHA JUST IMAGINE MGS 4 on the 360, 5sec load times on PS3, 20 sec load times on the 360, plus disc swapping HAHAHAHAHA you xbots got pwnt.

doodle3972d ago

However it would have taken 10 discs on XBREAK 3 FIX ME

Lost Odyssey takes up 4 Discs on xfixme

Blu Dragon takes up 3 games on xfixme.

what a shame ? XTARD

PimpHandStrong3972d ago

on the PR for MGS

its the only game to have used 50GB on the BR disk and its just a PR spin at making you think its going to be the best game ever...OH MY GOD IT BARELY FITS ON A 50GB DISK

IMO it will be the best game ever

I hope MS isnt going to charge for uniforms!

sonarus3972d ago

how the hell is the 50GB thing a pr spin? They got criticized for it and kojima had to come clear it up. He never said MGS4 will have the most content of any game ever. All he said was he wasn't satisfied because he still had to compress some things and you took it as a pr spin. Did sony or konami ever come out saying mgs is so great that blu ray can't contain it. No

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