The soft target - Games are still in the firing line in Westminster

After almost a decade of watching with thinly-concealed smugness as America's conservatives tore into the videogames industry, confident that Britain's more liberal society would protect the medium on these shores, the worm has finally turned. The alarm bells are ringing, and an unpleasant awakening is upon Britain - it now faces exactly the same kind of backlash against games that has blighted the United States for years.

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forcefullpower3970d ago

What a rubbish article. At no point in this country are video games getting blamed. Except by an old fart in parliment that made a stupid statement.

He was then humilated because here in britain we don;t stand for idiots saying stuff they know nothing about. Americans put them on national TV.

zag3970d ago

humm maybe everytime I get fined for speeding maybe I can contest it by saying that I was playing a computer game.

And they will probably agree that it was the computer game that got me fined and then I get paid by the producer and the devs of the computer game at fault yes I think that will work.


3970d ago
stuntman_mike3970d ago

i think the game journalist really need to come out of the woodwork and start standing up for gaming. thier our voice on a national level as they get to publish what they say in the national press.