Atomicgamer: Fable 2 Preview

Atomicgamer writes: "Peter Molyneux famously caught flack for not delivering on all the features he'd promised for the original Fable; he even apologized post-release for over-hyping his project a bit. Now, with Fable 2 waiting in the wings, the Lionhead Studios' leader is at it again, albeit this time with some demo-supported proof backing his promises. He's already introduced an in-game canine companion and an intuitive, single-button combat system at GDC 07 and E3 07, respectively. And, at last week's Game Developer's Conference he took the stage at Microsoft's keynote address sporting more slick features that should have Fable's faithful eager to grab their gamepads."

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t-0_ot-3966d ago

Can't wait for this game..

t-0_ot-3966d ago

Ahh.. To bad for the PS3 Fanboys.

Killjoy30003966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Yeah man youre right...I mean Final Fantasy 13 is nowhere near as huge as this game.


JDW3966d ago

I'll just buy the PC version though.

3966d ago
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