NZGamer: Lost: Via Domus Review

NZGamer writes: Currently the hit television show Lost is airing its fourth season both here in New Zealand and in the States. As millions of fans will tell you, Lost is solely responsible for hours and hours of people's lives that they will never get back. Now those clever, sneaky little creators of Lost have figured out another way to torture people.

Lost: Via Domus is set around the first two seasons of the TV series and introduces a never-seen-before character to the series. Although his details are sketchy, you soon learn that he is an amnesiac photojournalist who was traveling on Oceanic Airlines Flight 815. The storyline that kicks everything off is that this transpacific flight crash lands somewhere in the Pacific Ocean – although even this fact may be disputed by some followers of the show. Whilst most passengers died in the horrific crash, some of the survivors managed to swim ashore to a nearby deserted island. Or at least they think it's deserted.

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