PGNx Media: MLB 08: The Show PS2 Review

PGNx Media writes: With MLB 08: The Show, Sony's baseball franchise is finally ready for primetime. MLB 08: The Show improves on the already solid (on PS2 and PSP) MLB 07, by tightening up the gameplay, improving the AI and making the Road to Show mode more engaging. There isn't much sacrificed from the PS3 version, although surprisingly, the PSP ends up edging out the PS2 in terms of features.

Visually, MLB 08 on the PS2 and PSP isn't quite the stunner that its PS3 brother is. Nonetheless, considering the relative strengths of those platforms, the game looks quite good. Player models look great for their respective platforms and some of the new animations have made their way to these versions, too. There are some texture and aliasing issues, which show the engine's age but overall, the game looks fine. In addition, the framerate of the PSP version has been much improved over last year's version, so both the PS2 and PSP versions run smoothly.

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