Official Sony Flier for PlayStation 3

Today at Digital Life event in New York, Sony was giving away to anyone was interesting an official PlayStation 3 flier. The flier describes the PS3 and its "super"-powers in eight great pages.

Page one is… the cover, page two analyze the "PLAY B3YOND" slogan, page three summarize PlayStation's 3 hardware specifications, in page four you can read about the new Blue-Ray High Definition disk, page five talks about backwards compatibility, Online Connectivity, PSP Connectivity and Multimedia, in page six you can have your first impressions about the new SIXASIS controller with motion sensitivity, in page 7 is a comparison between the PS3 Premium Package (60GB) and the PS3 Core Package (20GB) and in the last page eight, is the back cover displaying the PS3 in different angles.

Of course Sony didn't forget to put pictures of different next generation games that will be available for the PS3 at its launch and in the near future.

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xboxlj5899d ago

I'll stick with the 360.

andy capps5899d ago

If something doesn't interest you, why post? You can offer constructive criticism on why you don't like the design of the flyers, but if you just don't like the console then it doesn't add anything to the discussion to only say that you're going to stick with your console of choice. Point being, I don't go into Xbox 360 threads very often, usually it's when a game interests me, but I don't go in there and say "No thanks, I'll stick with Playstation 3."

xboxlj5896d ago

"If something doesn't interest you, why post?"
-andy capps

Because I have the right to do so. Why respond to my post if you have a problem with it? Kind of hypocritical don't you think?

D R Fz5899d ago (Edited 5899d ago )

With advertisements like these, who will not want to get a ps3? PS3 is paving the way for the future. Ofcourse its going to look nice next to my 360, which won the good design award. But the ps3 defintely deserves the Sexiest of All Consoles award.

omansteveo5899d ago

Kingboy tsk tsk tsk dont start a flame war please lets be responsable

andy capps5899d ago

Nice design. I wonder if on the actual controller the P button will glow red. That would be cool if it glowed when you turned it on or something.

scriptkiddie5899d ago (Edited 5899d ago )

is a true PS3 fanboy! Don't talk smack about the PS3 it makes him mad.

andy capps5899d ago

Yeah man, you have me totally figured out. I'm a PS3 fanboy, I bleed Playstation...

Just because you're a fanboy doesn't mean that I am or that everyone on here is. We all know that you vote lame on every PS3 news article. There is a difference between someone that prefers a particular console over another and a fanboy. I prefer Sony, but I am not a fanboy in the least. If you will look at my posts from the past, you will see that I am fair to the other consoles and when I am not that I explain my reasoning behind it. I seldom vote on Xbox 360 threads, a rare exception was today when I voted cool on a Gears of War thread because it looks like a great game. It's as simple as all that really, now stop throwing around baseless accusations of fanboyism before you're out of bubbles.

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