LFPress GoW: Chains of Olympus Review: 'Chained To Your PSP'

Kratos is a big, bad Spartan warrior. He fights bigger, badder monsters and sometimes even clashes with the gods themselves, gigantic beings so very big and so truly bad that the ground shudders under their footsteps.

So could something as small as the PlayStation Portable possibly do justice to the sweaty, bulgy, spine-snappy exploits of a larger-than-life character like Kratos? As it turns out: Hades, yeah!

The first two God of War games were bestsellers on the PlayStation 2, with good reason. They hit a perfect sweet spot between frenzied hack-and-slash action, simple puzzle-solving and Greek Mythology Lite storytelling, with the ever-angry Kratos emerging as one of the coolest video game anti-heroes of the decade.

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decapitator3927d ago

Still haven't picked this up yet, Am waiting for the red psp's to hit before I cop this. Anyone know when those will be released ?

Danja3927d ago

This game is freakin amazing...

Lanontscuz3927d ago

is suppose to come as a bundle @june !!! damn i can not wait that long to play this game... but i will still pick up that bundle ill just give my slim psp to someone in the family lol...but this game rocks...i actually put down Patapon for now bcuz the dessert part is kicking my A$$....but ill get back to it after i beat this game and oh yeaah u gtg play this as spartan from the get go...

Mr_Kuwabara3927d ago

I already have it and passed it a few times. Good epic stuff. The ending was very tasteful.