Populate or Go To The Tropics With These Skyrim Mods

Super PolyPixel - This is a pretty neat find! YouTube channel SaioTV has some of the best Skyrim mods that I have seen to date. I’ve never actually had the opportunity to play the game on PC, since I have it for Xbox 360, but since I’ve been seeing these neat mods recently I’ve been dying to want to test them out. See the other video in the article.

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Snookies122137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

I can never go back to Skyrim on consoles... Mods literally MAKE this game. The people are no longer ugly, I have really nice looking trees and grass, much better snow, footprints, new sounds for every environment, 90+ songs added to the OST, can kill anyone in game, can set my killcam chances, have tons of new homes, as well as new dragons, etc.

I could go on and on, as I have over 70 mods and counting currently installed on my copy. However, it's just safe to say that this game is much much much better with the PC community making free mods. :]

IamTimO2137d ago

Very nice! I actually have it on steam but have yet to even touch it. All my time with the game has been on the PS3. You make it sound so much more exciting

DragonKnight2137d ago

The mods for this game are one of the reasons I'm going to be building my first gaming PC. Skyrim by itself is kinda meh, but trying out all kinds of mods is like a game in itself and Skyrim is just a canvas for it.

ATi_Elite2137d ago

Yeh to enjoy Skyrim to it's fullest potential you gotta play it on PC.

The mods simply are far and away better than the vanilla version.

also you get new quest like this one.

xBigxBossx2137d ago

Once you play skyrim modded... Vanilla will never be the same. I'm a big Bethesda fan, but after recently buying a PC. I will only buy pc versions from Bethesda due to the mods.

Tetsujin2137d ago

Isn't there some rumor about 2 more DLC packs coming out post Dragonborn/Dawnguard? I've seen on some sites there's talk of 2 more expansions then the game is 100% done with Bethesda; I know part of it has to be true with the 1.9 patch and I'm assuming 2.0 is when the new stuff comes out. If anyone can confirm I'd appreciate it.

IamTimO2137d ago

Yup! It's supposedly titled Redguard. But bethesda hasn't said anything on it so far so nothing is confirmed. But they do own the tradmark for that name. It's also rumored to be pirate based. I don't know what all this pirate stuff is lately lol.

Tetsujin2137d ago

I remember something about Redguard being something related to some sort of engine for next gen; however I wouldn't be surprised if that is the name of the next pack.