Wii U Sales Better Than PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

After launching last November the Wii U has sold 2.6 million units globally, according to aggregated figures from VG Chartz. While there has been widespread reports that Nintendo's console is underperforming, its sales figures after four months compare favourably to other console launches.

After a similar period of time on the market the PlayStation 3 had sold just 2.4 million units worldwide, whereas the Xbox 360 had sold only 2 million units.

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MultiConsoleGamer2045d ago

People trying to spin data that comes from vgchartz... Which is itself totally fictional.

aceitman2045d ago

I looked and its better than the ps3 and 360 , but the sales for the week had dropped a lot , 360 73,000 a week ps3 80,000 a week , wii u 27,000 a week at there 1st 5 months . this is where the wii u falls bad. and the wii u had a big launch but also had a big fall. it will not be as big as the wii, which was selling 200,000 at its 5 month mark , this is where the wii u is in trouble the casual market will not buy into this , and don't know if the Nintendo games and there fans will be enough to keep it alive , I hope its not going to be like the gamecube. no fanboy stuff here I own it and hope my purchase of the wii u is not a waste of money.

NeoTribe2045d ago

I wasnt aware gamecube did bad. That was one of my favorite consoles at that time. Thats when nintendo had 3rd party support and seemed like a core console.

BullyMangler2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

here we go with the SALES of things again .
Sales do not mattter.
What matters most is the QUALITY of the GAMES and the VALUE they bring.

SALES do not determine somethings glory.

Although it is pretty neat how wiiU sold more units than sony and microsoft even though the wiiU has NONE of its REAL games to showcase yet. daing.

. this years E3 is gonna be crazy

fr0sty2044d ago

These "sales don't matter" kids crack me up. You tell Nintendo their sales don't matter. I'm sure they'll disagree. Sales are what funds future projects, so when a game console you enjoy has poor sales, chances are it won't have as many well funded projects and therefore the quality and quantity of the games will suffer as a result. Sales sure mattered to Sega, and when Dreamcast sales dove off a cliff you saw what happened. Dreamcast was a great console, but died before it's time due to poor sales. Imagine all the good games it would have seen had it sold better.

Computersaysno2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

What matters is sustaining sales, rather than taking a few months in isolation, or launch windows.

Wii U has the benefit of no 'next gen' competition right now. It is difficult or impossible to really tell how well the long term future of the console will work out based on sales with less than 6 months of data around.

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ABizzel12045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

The fact of the matter is this is only half the truth.

The PS3 was $499 and $599, compared to the Wii U's modest $299 and $349, that's a $150 difference between the most expensive Wii U and the cheapest PS3, and a $300 difference between the cheapest Wii U and most expensive PS3. Yet there's only a 200k difference between sales.

The Xbox 360 was closer in price, but it was coming off the back of the mildly received original Xbox, and had more to prove for it's brand than Nintendo does.

Another point of interest is that the Xbox and PS3 were struggling with manufacturing demands during their launch. The demand was high, but the supply couldn't keep up, and especially with the PS3, many people had to wait until the following year before they could actually find one on shelves after it's launch. The Wii U doesn't have that problem.

You can try to spin it anyway you want, but the truth is the Wii U is seeing hard times early on, and it's a bad sign. The problems are:

1. PS360 owners have no reason to get a Wii U when they already have a PS360 and the Wii U is barely an upgrade to their current offerings. On top of the the PS4 and Nextbox are soon to be releasing and seem to completely out power the Wii U which is what PS360 gamers are looking for. And questionable third party support means PS360 owners aren't going with Wii U. On top of all this there's a stigma that Nintendo is for kids and casual which isn't true, but that's partly Nintendo's fault for catering so much first party software to casual gamers during the Wii's lifecycle. Most core games (aka the people who'll be around through thick and thin) are in their twenties and thirties, and they want adult experiences and Nintendo has failed to evolve and create franchises for that audience. We love Mario, Zelda, Metorid, and others, but we also want Uncharted's, Halo's, God of War's, Gears, and more.

2. A large majority of Wii owners were casual gamers on the bandwagon, and aren't going to upgrade. Looking at the previous sales of all Nintendo's consoles it's quite possible that half of the Wii's sales are from casual gamers, and Nintendo is going to struggle to get them to upgrade at most they'll get 10% meaning the Wii U may struggle to reach over 60 million sales. Not bad at all, but not Wii numbers.

3. The greatest reasons is the lack of games, specifically 1st party games. There's no Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, Metroid, Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, etc.... All their biggest games are still missing from the console, and once they show up people will start buying the console including me.

Nintendo needs to get it together, they need to start producing games, and get their console running smooth and seamlessly (20 and 30 second waiting for navigating menus is ridiculous).

from the beach2045d ago

It's not a half-truth, lol, assuming these figures are accurate the Wii U outsold PS3 and 360 across a similar time frame, end of.

Tough if Microsoft and Sony couldn't sell their machines for less, tough that Sony couldn't launch across all regions at the same time. What if, what if.

lilbroRx2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

Cherry picking details are we? And you talk about spinning.

I can go you one more on price and point out that the economy was a LOT more stable and people had far more expendable income when the PS3/360/Wii launched.

There was also far less competition from the previous generations of consoles as the PS2 was the only one still holding steadfast. There was also no competition from smart phones, and steam had no where near the level of dominance it has now.

The price is irrelevant without the entirety of the details. You basically only pulled the variables that are to your arguments favor out of context, and ignored or dismissed the ones that aren't favorable.

The argument here was console sales, not console price as that add entire realm of new issues. He stated no half truth. He stated what was relevant.

ABizzel12045d ago

@from the beach

Stop being one of those ignorant defensive fanboys.

The Wii U is not doing well. Does that phrase hurt you in any kind of way? Because you fanboys seem to be hurt by it.

Those are the real facts. The Wii U is a new console and being outsold by everything that's considered relevant (3DS, PS3, 360, and even PSVita). PSVita and PSP were neck and neck with the Wii U, and neither had sales to brag about. Thanks to the recent price drop Vita is now seeing good numbers, but Wii U and PSP are still running neck and neck, that's not good no matter how you put it. It's in trouble, and Nintendo's taking it's sweet time to save it.

No one is bashing, well at least I'm not, we're trying to display concern. The Wii U isn't going to sell like the Wii did point blank.

from the beach2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

Nice, personal attack..

xursz2045d ago

Perfectly said by Abizzle. Another point is that Wiiu had a full simultaneous launch WW. The PS3 didn't, it took about 4 months until it was even available WW.

Does anyone remember when the PS3 was considered utter failure? Well put that into perspective with how well it holds up to the WiiU launch even being the last to market and at 600 usd.

Its not time to panic but it's scary how irrelevant the Wiiu is right now.

from the beach2045d ago

It's not another point, it's another excuse, and I already addressed it in my comment anyway.

The fact that Sony couldn't launch in Europe was a scandal at the time, and I'll be damned if people are now going to argue it as a point in their favour.

You're also wrong about the PS3 being viewed as an "utter failure" - the earliest sales figures were actually quite positive, despite the challenges, and on it went from there.

Sure there were doomsayers, same as these current Wii U ones.

SilentNegotiator2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

"Half of the story" is the phrase you're looking for over "half-truth", I think.

Sure, it's "true" that the Wii U has sold more than the Ps3/360 did when accumulating the first few months of their launches, but it won't be true for long at the rate Wii U has fallen. Wii U lacks major hook to convert Ps3/360 gamers and it doesn't have the same features that the masses enjoyed with Wii, thus unimpressive sales aside from people running out to purchase the "sold out" hardware at the very start.

The article was meant to be response to all of the articles saying that it isn't selling well, and it's hiding poor recent sales (a holding trend for the Wii U) by pushing them into an accumulative one.

jmc88882045d ago


If you know specs, and you must not otherwise you'd know what you said is hogwash, is that the Wii U is 1/3rd roughly the specs of the mighty underpowered PS4.

In the context that of such power, whether it's the 360/PS3, the Wii U, the 720, the PS4, or the 3x better midrange 2013 PC, or the 3x better uber PC (i.e. 9x better than a PS4)'d understand that THIS generation has a wide range. The games can be played on last gen or this gen. That the Wii U, while being the low end of this next gen still is capable of much better graphics that suck up a significant portion of the gain say from PS3 to PS4.

Hey what do I have to gain. I own an i7 920 @ 4ghz and a GTX 670. I own a PS3 and a launch window (+- 3 days of xmas of launch year). I own a Wii U at launch. I will be a PS4 and 720 owner at launch despite ALL 3 of the 'next gen' systems being inferior to my PC.

What Nintendo needs to do is put out some games. They should. We don't know conclusively until E3, but I'm almost sure we're going to see a full slate of games worthy of purchase.

You can't play all game unless you own PC/PS4/720/Wii U....that's a fact.

That's also the power levels of what they are, YET they'll all be capable of playing the same games, just at different fidelity levels.


hellvaguy2045d ago

"3. The greatest reasons is the lack of games, specifically 1st party games. There's no Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, Metroid, Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, etc.... All their biggest games are still missing from the console"

Mario Wii U says hi!

jrbeerman112044d ago


nobody buys a new "next gen" console for a side scroller mario game. if mario galaxy 2 was held back for wiiu and in HD then wiiu would be selling more.

also new super mario brothers esque titles are getting stale, they still haven't surpassed super mario world and mario 3 yet IMO.

WiiU needs games end of story....(and not ones that are on PS360)

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showtimefolks2045d ago

Guess what still no 3rd party support and gangs something both ps3 and xbox360 had

Wiiu will sell 45-60 million life time which is success but it won't be able to compete with Xbox or ps4

jrbeerman112044d ago

the wii sold because of the novelty of the controller. I bet a majority of Wiis sold never played anything other than wiisports.

Eyeco2044d ago

That can be further backed by the Wii having the lowest attach rate of any console this gen and according to a neilson study it's also the least used console of the gen. I mean look at the top 20 best selling games on the system, the vast majority of all the games sold on the Wii can be attributed to just those 20 games.

kikizoo2045d ago

Ok, but don't forget : it's now, or never for wiiu, after ps4/720 launch = the end.

BullyMangler2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )


falcon792045d ago

The WiiU sold 3 million by end of december 2012 thats the true data its close to 3.5 million now.

Kran2044d ago

Imagine a world where it wasn't? o.O

jester11222044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

The wii u has a 32 gb hard drive and no Ethernet port all I need to know about a so called next console. I mean no Ethernet port is so ridiculous means they don't care about online gaming. Because all I need is a bunch of people with 1.5 mps using wireless connections no thanks...

Gamer19822044d ago

There also comparing to 2 consoles that had NO games at the times. How about they compare it to the PS3 launch in Europe alone? The PS3 launch wasn't worldwide and it sold almost as many as the WiiU and thats without the goliath that is COD and no massive first party games. It sold 2 million in Europe in its first week! So this story is just trying to prove that the WiiU is a better console when its not.. IT's not even out selling a console thats near the end of its lifecycle thats already had its next generation announced!

Dj7FairyTail2044d ago

Wii U

Hardware 3.06m
Software 11.69m
NSMB U 2.01m (dat attach rate)
Nintendo Land 2.33m (this one is bundled with Deluxe WiiU)

Nintendo Q3 Reports

search it

ijust2good2044d ago

The differences were that XBOX 360 and Original Wii at huge shortages. U can go to any retailer and see tons of unsold Wii U's.

MaverickStar72044d ago

People like the VGchartz stats when they say what they want them to say, hate them when they don't. So what other source shall we use? Even if they are not 100% accurate, the margin of error is probably small. And for the purpose of armchair analysts arguing among themselves like it actually means anything to their lives, VGchartz is a more than adequate source.

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Gimmemorebubblez2045d ago

The WiiU is not dead but the fact of the matter is that after launch the WiiU's sales dropped off a cliff. No one talks much about the WiiU. Do I thinks it's doomed? No
Do I think it's in trouble? Yes.

Kos-Mos2045d ago

Don`t give this one more bubbles. It`s a troll.

Nodoze2045d ago

Agreed. IMHO I think the WiiU is in far worse shape than the 3DS was in before Nintendo put all hands on deck. The 3DS has since course corrected. Nintendo needs the same approach for the WiiU. They need to flood it with quality first party offerings.

Also the fact that there was no WiiU Sports as part of the initial offering was EXTREMELY short sighted on the part of Nintendo. This would have potentially brought in those casuals. Instead they opted to target the 'core' with a console that is at best dated. The fact that there is no hard drive is REALLY going to limit the longevity.

aquamala2045d ago

people have such a short memory, what were people saying about 3DS this time last year? how is it doing now?

MakiManPR2045d ago

Because the 3DS received a huge pricecut 6 months later after its launch day. IDT the Wii U will get a pricecut, at least not so soon. If I remember Reggi said that it wont get a pricecut and copared it to the Wii saying that the Wii stayed at it launch price for a long time.

Dj7FairyTail2044d ago

3DS need Price Cut and Games.

Wii U just need the games. Which are taken too long to come because we all know Nintendo they spend time on they games to make sure is FULL GAME not a rushed half assed game that will have lock Content and Day one DLC

jrbeerman112044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

Nintendo is the KING of handhelds, a price cut and more games and its doing well. besides, every parent that ever buys their kids a handheld is going to buy a gameboy, i just needs to be withing price range.

the console however needs to do something more compelling, people already have wiimotes and tablets, need to give consumers another reason to purchase.

i feel like nintendo spends so much time trying to find new markets, that it forgets the core market. xbox is not far behind.

the tablet controller does not have the same selling power as the wiimote unfortunately, so nintendo needs to do more to move units. like super smash bros, metroid, 3d mario or zelda. (one of these should have been a launch title CMON)

porkChop2044d ago

"i feel like nintendo spends so much time trying to find new markets, that it forgets the core market. xbox is not far behind."


That's exactly what Nintendo does. They cater to one market/demographic, and then when they launch a new console they completely abandon their previous market and fans in favor of searching for something new.

It seems like Nintendo thinks that the previous market will automatically buy the new console so Nintendo doesn't have to cater to them anymore to get their money. But it doesn't work like that. You can't just expect the console to sell itself to one market while you work at selling it to another one.

Another huge problem that Nintendo is facing is that the 2 main markets (core and casual) aren't interested in what Nintendo is offering.

Casual gamers have moved on to tablets, smartphones, etc. where they can get cheap or free games that suit all their needs, and they have the benefit of being able to take them anywhere.

Nintendo completely abandoned the core gamers. The core gamers are the most important market for any console. They're the gamers who will buy up all those games. They're the lifeblood of consoles and are where the vast majority of support comes from. Nintendo burned them, and those gamers aren't stupid. They're not going to be fooled again.

They expect lots of power and 3rd party support in their consoles. Nintendo had strong 3rd party support at launch, and now its mostly died off. As for power, it's obvious that the Wii U is little more than a current gen console with a tablet. It's going to be very hard to get those core gamers on board now.

With those markets gone, all Nintendo really has right now is the die-hard Nintendo fans. Still a significant chunk of gamers there no doubt, but it's not enough to sustain the console in the long run.

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Jek_Porkins2045d ago

I think VG Chartz is off, like always. I have read from several places that the Wii U is over 3 million sold, which is on par or a tad better than the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Wii U needs compelling software and possibly a price drop, thinking Nintendo uses great AAA first party titles and that price drop to combat the next Xbox and PlayStation launches respectively. Nintendo could also benefit from a shortage from those other two systems.

BitbyDeath2045d ago

VG Chartz only grabs numbers from-
USA, UK, Germany, France, Japan

Link -

So it is missing a large portion of sales from the rest of the world.