Sega Updates For The 10th Anniversary

GamerReports writes: It seems that Sega of Japan has updated When you visit and click on the banner, you get a page where gamers who still own a DC (like us) can register with their console's serial number. You get an [email protected] What Sega has planned beyond that is still unknown, but it sure is exciting! Stay tuned!

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Mike Bowden3966d ago

You can read the same story, albeit with the focus on a different aspect of it here:

Theo11303966d ago

SEGA really needs to get its games together before trying to hint at a come back

KidMakeshift3966d ago

I doubt Sega will take another shot at the console market. They're doing quite well just as a publisher

RecSpec3966d ago

Oh I can wait for a Sonic game, especially if it is in 3d.

KidMakeshift3966d ago

Bring Typing of The Dead 2 to the Dreamcast

I keep hearing that the japanese Dreamcast and Saturn have a ton of awesome games. I'm thinking about modding and importing. Any suggestions?

poopface13966d ago

I got the real HotD2 and thought that typing did come out in the US. mabe not though. IT was probaly too late in the life of DC to release that here, I guess. Funny thing is I still have the DC keyboard somewhere at my parents house. Im not really sure why I ever got it though.

KidMakeshift3966d ago

Typing of The Dead 1 came to the U.S., but ToTD2 is for PC in Japan only

Now there's a English of The Dead coming to the DS in May, but it's Japan only as well

InYourMom3966d ago

"Due the high volume of account requests, the service will be temporally suspended."


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The story is too old to be commented.