OXM: Rocketmen: Axis of Evil Review

Starting with a simple character-customization phase, you design a hero to fight for the Alliance of Free Planets to liberate Earth from the tyranny of Martian invaders. Choosing to play as a Human, Venusian, or Mercurian will give you varying physical strengths, which you can upgrade after each of the campaign's 10 story-driven missions.

Less impressive, however, are the robot and alien "menaces," who slowly march toward you like zombies…on qualuudes. This would be less irritating if they didn't also have perfect aim, although the forgiving respawn penalty makes dying less aggravating. Four-player online co-op also takes the sting out of the dumb A.I., and it showcases how this $10 game should be played.

-Whimsical cel-shaded graphics and humorous dialogue suit the lengthy campaign.
-Compelling customization via upgradable weapons, armor.

- The Martians and robots are dumb.
- Has anyone ever played the card game?

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Joey Gladstone3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

and if it does it will have a Very Low temperature...but here goes.....I believe this is a Really fun and action packed game for the price of $10...albeit it does have its serious flaws(camera, no backtracking, perfect aim enemies) but were I to review it, I would also have had to give it around a 7.5 .......The gameplay mechanics really reminded me of a new Age Super Smash TV (NES, SNES) those of you who remember that game will know EXACTLY what I mean....
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

LinuxGuru3965d ago

I was shocked that a downloadable title like this had framerate issues.

There are lots of bits of slowdown.

It pisses me off.

Other than's an ok game. AI is kinda dumb though.