ANALYSIS: Sony gets its swagger back with PS4

It's about ps4 and how Sony is going in the right direction to get their momentum back, this article really paints the positive side of next gen without any fanboy bias.

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Muffins12234144d ago

Yes,i am buying it day 1 and going to the midnight release and can not wait for it!!!

Jaqen_Hghar4144d ago

A man will do this as well. A man has never camped out for anything gaming before, but a man will have his reserved and be there at midnight.

dc14144d ago

Reading Clash of Kings?... or just watched the second season of Game of Thrones?

Regardless, I'm with you. I will be hanging out at the local Gamestop with my cup of joe on launch night.
Pre-ordering it as soon as its available to do so. and taking off of work the following day.

Jaqen_Hghar4143d ago

a man has finished Storm of Swords. A man needed to get ahead of the show and plans to have A Dance with Dragons done by this Summer. A man likes it this way as the reverse order makes things boring to read. A man can watch a show that he knows what will happen because the spectacle is much better to see and a man loves the dialog the show adds.

SilentNegotiator4144d ago (Edited 4144d ago )

I disagree, but only because I deplore what the word "swagger" has become.

Reborn4144d ago

I think they pretty much got it back midway through this gen. The way they've been launching products, Vita, phones etc. That all in some form, link into their next gen console. Whilst clearly not straying away from what gamers expect from Sony. Games, quality, and value for money.

I'm still interested to see what Microsoft got for next gen. But Sony have done well, and its good to see them continue on that path.

StrongMan4144d ago

Sony never lost it's swagger.

KwietStorm_BLM4144d ago

I don't think even you believe yourself with that one.

Ezz20134144d ago

you are right .."swagger" went to the WWE


Clarence4144d ago

I believe it. The PS3 came equipped right out the box.
Blu ray

Made M$ step their game up. Which is the reason that M$ is trying to turning its gaming console into and entertainment console.

PS3 7yrs 77m
360 8yrs 76m

Sony said slow and steady wins the race and that exactly what they are doing.

MysticStrummer4144d ago

Sony dominated two gens in a row, then launched PS3 a year after the competition at a much higher price and outsold them. If that doesn't give a company swagger I don't know what will.

MS gained market share this gen and started first in sales, but despite spending massive amounts of money on marketing and buying timed exclusives will end up in last place, which I'm sure wasn't their master plan. Market share doesn't carry over from gen to gen, so at the end of the year they start fresh.

Yes I'm ignoring Nintendo. The Wii was never in the same category of gaming devices as PS3 and 360. It's a casual gaming toy. There's nothing wrong with that, but trying to lump it in with PS3 and 360 is like entering a go kart into a NASCAR event. Unfortunately Nintendo got their NASCAR vehicle ready just in time for Sony and MS to switch to IndyCar.

While I'm at it, PC gaming is like building your own car from scratch. You can change out parts and make it technically better than the stock variety vehicles, but most people don't care to do it and the end result is still a vehicle that gets you from point A to point B, albeit with a custom paint job, tinted windows, fancy rims, and a horn that plays "Another One Bites The Dust".

*mentally prepares himself to lose another bubble*

Dj7FairyTail4143d ago

PS3 didn't come with HDMI

tehnoob34143d ago (Edited 4143d ago )

Yes the Ps3 did come w/ HDMI on day one.

EDIT: I assume you mean port. It did not come with a cable.

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MysticStrummer4144d ago

My thoughts exactly. Sony has kept me incredibly entertained since PS1 and shows no signs of slowing down.

Oh_Yeah4143d ago

Sony doesn't need swagger when they've got class.

ajax174144d ago

Lol, submitted by ICECREAM. Awesome user name. I know I'm off topic but that cracked me up.