Build a PC with the Best Bang for the Buck

ExtremeTech's Bang for the Buck configuration finds the sweet spot of price and performance for each component. Costing less than last time around (i.e., June of 2007), this rig takes a noticeable performance jump. The system turned out strong, game-friendly, super-reliable, and just generally kicks butt.

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JDW3928d ago

The specs are...

E8400 3Ghz
4 GB Corsair xms2 RAM
8800 GTS (G92)
P5K-SE Mobo

These specs run every game on high (crysis only has the occasional dip).

madness3928d ago

console > pc

+ price to get and stay in
+ developer support
+ competition of developers
+ living room gaming

etc etc

The Fungus3928d ago

pc > console

+ Top of the line performance, bar none.(scalable, if you wish to save a bit)
+ developer support
+ competition of developers
+ living room gaming
+ Best online gaming(usually free)

etc etc

I actually do like consoles more than the pc for gaming, but your points kinda stand for both XD

The real reason consoles are better is because of ACCESSIBILITY. Since everybody can do it, most people do. This means more people buy games, so more developers make them.

I have a $99 Radeon HD 2600 in a $600 dollar computer and I can play bioshock at highest at around 30 fps. UT3 is around 45 fps on highest.

a slightly worse computer could play these games at around console quality for about console price(maybe a BIT more expensive.)

1366x768 for all games I play on pc.

All in all, more people buying games=more games on consoles that are worth the general publics time.

Games and money are the only things that matter, and money only matters if it is a substantial difference, not 50-100 dollars(most often).

xplosneer3928d ago

I got a Dell 420, with 3GB's of RAM, Vista Premium, a 2.4ghz Quad Core, Memory Readers+Bluetooth, the same DVD drive, a sweet case, NVidia 8800GT 512, and built in sound(with optical out) for $1200 shipped. This about evens out with the build here with a moniter.

I Call 9MM3928d ago

That's not too bad at all. Nice price for the ram, can't beat that. Personally, I'd go with a bigger powersupply to future proof it (graphics cards keep getting hungrier and hungrier for power). And if you shop around a bit, I'm sure you could find a few of those pieces at lower prices. All in all, nice build.

Grado SR-603928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

That will begin to change soon with smaller chips and more efficient DDR4 and DDR5 memory. Be on the lookout for nvidia G100 and Ati R700 series chips.

TheIneffableBob3928d ago

Decent build, but could be better.

You don't need a $120 case; the E8400 is $80 cheaper and can be very easily overclocked to E8500 speeds, let alone 4 GHz; and there is no need for Vista.

funkeystu3928d ago

nah, you *need* that case - silicon drive mounts, 120mm silent fan, piano-black finish and the inclusion of a front eSata port make it all worth it. It comes with a really great PSU as well, its only 500W, but it has insane efficiency (so much so that real world power output is greater than most 650W units) and it has plenty of power coming out of the 12 and 5v rails. (yeah, I bought one a few weeks ago and have been loving it).

The prices are generally more expensive than what I'd expect - I'd really recommend shopping around. I was a bit surprised with the CPU, there are a lot of options out there and that one seems unusually expensive for a "bang-for-buck" system

Grado SR-603928d ago

also own that case and power supply. PSU on its own is around $80 retail (got case + PSU for $100)and is worth every penny.

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