Spore - iPhone Demonstration

They got Spore running on the iPhone in two weeks! Check out how this mobile sized version is looking.

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3971d ago
ben8063971d ago

ya ya ya very pretty, im sure the 500 people who can afford an iphone will be happy.
now me and the billion other p.c users would like the freaking game!

theox2g73971d ago

i don't think with more than 4 million phones sold, there are only 500 users happy about this, the iphone is viable profitable market for games, and it's not as expensive as most make it out to be, take the price of the cheapest ipod and a decent camera phone and u have an iphone and this doesn't even take the touchscreen and it's features into consideration, jailbreak the phone and it's just as good as any smart phone and even better imo besides the 3g which isn't needed for me anyway

M_Adkins3971d ago

I just bought myself an iphone. Now i cant wait to start real gaming on it!