New Condemned 2: Bloodshot trailer

Sega published a new Condemned 2: Bloodshot trailer. Enjoy.

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Lifendz3970d ago

which would you pick?

Agree: Silent Hill 5.

Disagree: Condemned 2.

destroyah3970d ago

I'm a little worried about Silent Hill V to be honest. I mean, I LOVE the games but The Collective (they're developing it) have a really bad history of making crappy games. Silent Hill 1-3 were absolutely amazing, but Silent Hill IV disappointed and V might be the same unfortunately. I hope not.

dzg4ever3970d ago

I'm big fan of SH series, but like many others also worried with developers! Hope I'm wrong
Anyway, my voice go to Silent Hill 5

BLUR1113970d ago

I havent even completed the first one since i got it but this one looks very cool!

Wardy3970d ago

That real life action trailer was pretty sick. Looking forward to this game.