GamerNode Review - Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Soulstorm

Final Word: Despite providing the thrilling and series-established RTS gameplay, Soulstorm seems recycled and worn out. Dawn of War fans or RTS players will feel deja vu when playing this game the first time.

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LinuxGuru3967d ago

I play the table top version of this game as well as the PC counterpart, and I do have to say the tabletop turn-based experience translates VERY well to a real-time strategy experience.

Also, I LOOOOOVE the Necrons.

Cold, heartless, killing machines. (literally)

They're all like little mini Terminators (HASTA LA VISTA BAY-BEE) that have kick-ass weapons.

The Tau and Sisters of battle are good too.....the Sisters of Battle are somewhere in between dark eldar and space marines in terms of style and power.

The Tau are somewhere in between Necrons and imperial guard in terms of strength.

The necrons are somewhere between....well....they aren't actually. They're just not like any other army in Warhammar 40k.

They just want to kill everything.

Think....the borg.