NPD: DmC Devil May Cry bombs badly in February, Ni No Kuni sells more

CG: "DmC Devil May Cry is looking like a commercial failure at this point doing worse that Ni No Kuni as NPD February sales are leaking out as they usually do."

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Godmars2902954d ago

DmC: DMC never recovered from the initial announcement while no anime fan worth their salt would resist something made by Level 5 and Studio Ghibli.

Oh_Yeah2954d ago

Capcom should hand DMC over to Platinum Games, so they can do the series some justice.

Kyosuke_Sanada2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Dante vs. Bayonetta.....that is all

Amazingmrbrock2954d ago

DMC is a pretty great game as far as I can tell from my playing of it. Excellent art design, great surreal levels, interesting enemy creatures, a kind of gritty comic book style that reminds me of spawn and borderlands, and awesome music that fits right in with the gameplay.

I can definitely see why it got rated so high by reviewers, and definitely can not see why it's been selling so poorly.

I really don't think platinum could do a better job, revengence seems to be lacking in all the areas I listed above. Not seriously lacking just not at the same level of goodness that dmc has.

DigitalAnalog2953d ago

"I really don't think platinum could do a better job, revengence seems to be lacking in all the areas I listed above. Not seriously lacking just not at the same level of goodness that dmc has."

Because Platinum took a SCRAPPED project and revived it just enough production values for 2 years. DmC on the other hand already have a BASE formula where it can build upon whereas Rising MUST have the Zandatsu element implemented. This surely limited their capacity of taking more creative risks.

On the bright side, it is a polished game for an idea that Hideo himself could not bring into fruitation.

cornroves2953d ago

I'm not sure why everyone is disagreeing I have played through once, and while I was disappointed in the announcement of the reboot, it was actually handled very well, not from a pr standpoint but seriously it is a very solid game. It was very engaging and i dont think any serious dmc fan would be disappointed at all (other than having to adjust to the small tweaks in the button configuration. You leave the game feeling as if they just started from the beginning, like it was before the third entry. If it makes you nervous just wait till it goes down in price.

Yi-Long2953d ago

... only reason I didn't pick up the game was because of the DLC. Might pick it up later, when they release a complete version.

Will certainly get Ni No Kuni, but I still have a backlog that's too big at the moment.

AsimLeonheart2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Great news for Ni No Kuni, its developers, its publisher and its fans. Hopefully we can have more games like it in the future as well. As for DmC, I hope it teaches CAPCOM a lesson that they should not forget. EA also learned the same lesson with Dead Space 3. Basically, DO NOT MESS WITH THE ORIGINAL FANS OR YOU ARE GONNA PAY!!

TheBlackSmoke2953d ago

So you want a 4 hour DmC game? cool.

I love me some metal gear rising, but anyone who's trying to act like its a better developed and deeper game than DmC is an out and out liar.

morganfell2953d ago

Ever since Heavenly Sword launched and he attacked Sony, Tameem Antoniades has shown he has the maturity of a 10 year old. This studio would be so much better if they had an adult spokesperson and he was forced to sit in the corner in time out.

If there is an emo issue with the new Dante, well, it's actually him.

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Darrius Cole2954d ago

White Hair. White Hair would have added 1 million sales to their count, off the bat, even if the game was not any better. But what did they do? They had Dante put a white mop over his head as though he had white hair look into the camera as say "not in a million years" deliberately screwing with the fans. How stupid can you get?

Eventually Ninja Theory will get it and realize that they need to make Heavenly Sword 2. The fans have only been asking for that game for this whole generation.

After 2 commercial successes I bet the message is starting to sink in.

Godmars2902954d ago

No. What messes up the joke is that he says not in a million years as a direct poke, yet not only by the end of the game does he get white hair, it becomes a dress option.

Its more like he or the lead dev is telling himself to eff off.

Rainstorm812954d ago

With ninja Theory leaving Sony I don't think they will get the chance to work on Heavenly Sword 2 since its Sonys IP

Sony needs to pass the torch to a more competent dev anyway I'm not really a fan of Ninja Theory's games.

2953d ago
DOMination-2953d ago

Heavenly Sword was not as good as people on N4G try to make out.

Darrius Cole2953d ago

I should have said "after 2 commercial FAILURES, I bet the message is starting to sink in"

yami9302953d ago


Heavenly Sword was a good game, not the best, but thats why everyone wants a sequel because the base was already established and all they can do is make things bigger and better from there. Its funny when you think about it, Heavenly Sword was the only Ninja Theory game that has made a profit for them and it was a PS3 exclusive out a year after the PS3 launched (2007) when the PS3 did not have the biggest instal base at all. Ninja Theory had even turned down an offer by Sony to make a second game after Sony bought the IP name with the reason being they want to make multiplatform games (which at the time is what everyone did just to have the most potential buyers and make the most money they can which is understandable) and in the end the 2 multiplatform games they made most likely had a bigger budget than Heavenly Sword and flopped very bad (Enslaved and DmC). I would like to see a Heavenly Sword 2 myself, but I think I prefer Santa Monica working on it seeing how Ninja Theory is very "We're gonna make the game we want to make and thats that". Also hope DmC flopping is the return of the original DMC, even if it would be the last one to fill up all the questions and story holes left by DMC 4 (next gen would be amazing for it too).

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AsimLeonheart2953d ago

If Donte said something neutral about that mop style like "looks nice" or "not bad" then they it would have gone a lot easier with the original fans. Instead NT outright says that the original Dante looked stupid and the original fans are outdated fools for liking him.

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showtimefolks2953d ago

i know some core fans don't like hearing this and are happy DMC didn't sell well but its actually a pretty good game.

they will make excuses that they hate it because its not 60FPS but truth is they still have not gotten over the fact N changed the look of Dante

your loss its actually a pretty good game

Godmars2902953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

The thing most core fans don't like is that the combo system has been trivialized. Simplified so its more accessible to a wider audience who aren't going to stick around and get into a deeper combat system - because it just isn't there.

Its amazing that new fans don't/can't comprehend that.

The game's okay, the story is certainly better scripted and acted than a standard DMC, but its not a DMC title. FPS not withstanding.

Darrius Cole2953d ago

No it's the Capcom's and Ninja Theory's loss, because they did sell their game that they spent money to produce. The fans still have their money, or they bought MSR:R to get their hack n' slash fix.

The customer is always right.

Snookies122953d ago

I didn't like the gameplay, had nothing to do with the look of Dante. It was all flash, no substance... You look at it and go, oh yeah, that looks just like Devil May Cry combat... However, when you actually play it, it's nothing at all like what it should be. There is hardly any skill involved whatsoever.

ThanatosDMC2953d ago

If you're a casual game, you might like that puke DmC let you play. But it's unacceptable to hardcore DMC fans. I'm glad the fans are making their point known that pulling crap like this will lose them $$$$$.

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x5exotic2953d ago

If any anime studio is up to it, it's either Ghibli, Madhouse or Bones


Also, DmC deserves it, you can't just remake DMC2 and get away with it.

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ritsuka6662954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

I was vocal about not liking the new direction the series was taking but I didn't want the game to bomb this bad. Might be the last DMC game ever at this rate.

Soldierone2954d ago

No, hopefully Capcom will go "oh well, lets go back to the original" and reboot it again, or pretend this one doesn't exist.

They take their sweet arse time releasing it anyways. I expect to see DMC return maybe 2 years into next gen.

DevilishSix2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

No they won't go oh well when a game loses 10's of millions of dollars. They will shelve it indefinately.

Capcom would be better served in investing in new franchises.

Soldierone2954d ago

@Above, there are other circumstances here.

-They went with a new studio. People openly didn't like the decision for a while, and they didn't listen to the fans at all.

-DMC has made Capcom millions before, and can do it again. They won't just let the franchise die, there are other marketing perks behind a good DMC release.

It isn't exactly "oh well" but they will blame the studio, not the franchise. It's like in Hollywood. Just because some major movie see's a bad release doesn't mean a studio will can the franchise.

ThanatosDMC2953d ago

DMC5 will have good old Dante curb stomping Donte's face till it becomes squishy. Best opening scene ever.

RememberThe3572954d ago

If they give us the game we want we'll buy it. Even DMC4 sold over 3 mil and that was a universal disappointment. Capcom has now blown it twice with this series.

Until they learn how quality control their products they need to stop making game all together.

Whatever they started doing this generation they need to stop doing. They were boss on the PS2, I even liked DMC2, but they completely such now.

Roccetarius2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

The sad thing about DMC 4, is that they pretty much released a unfinished game. It was supposed to have much less backtracking, more moves etc.

The story was supposed to be more fleshed out as well.

ThanatosDMC2953d ago

Hated Nero with a passion. I'm so glad I got to play Dante with his perfected style system. Wish we can give him weapon loadouts now. So i can use combos and the weapons I like on him.

Agni and Rudra with Ifrit and Alastor plus Ebony and Ivory with Pandora.

majiebeast2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Goodjob Ninokuni Level 5 better make a sequel instead of those stupid Inazuma 11 games.

People sure love Inazuma 11 lol.

Relientk772954d ago

Ni no Kuni sold more than DmC? That is fantastic news

lets see even more amazing RPGs

Root2954d ago

I would love it if someone sent that arrogant Tameemi Antoniades a few copies of Ni no Kuni to him with just a sticky note saying "suck it"

joab7772954d ago

I agree. I loved ni no kuni...set the year off just right. Amazing start to finish...kinda sad it ended. Good thing for tomb raider and bioshock.

Rainstorm812953d ago

I'm hoping this is the resurrection of JRPGs and that next gen will get much more JRPG support.

I'm al for the westernizing of the games industry but Variety is the spice of life

Relientk772953d ago

^ This

Tales of Xillia is coming this year yet, cant wait

Lucreto2954d ago

Very good news for Ni No Kuni.

One of my top games this generation. I love it so much I plan to play it again soon.

One of the few game it was a privilege to play.

joab7772954d ago

If i ever find time, i want to play again with all different familiars. I used the best ones but when i was going for the capture trophy i noticed so many i would love to try out next time around.