The Tony Hawk Preview Roundup

Last year's Tony Hawk's American Wasteland was not a bad game by any means but it ended up feeling like every game that came before it. Sure, they added a bike and allowed you to pop tricks through the "loading tunnels" but it was still the same familiar gameplay and environments. After seven titles, even changing a great concept is a smart thing to do, and Neversoft has done just that.

For the past few years, players have been handed every skateboarding stereotype ever coined up. The last couple of Tony Hawk games were all oversaturated with over-the-top skate culture antics. Neversoft finally pulled the plug on all of that with Project 8 and brought it back the basics -- skateboarding. Sorry Bam fans, but skateboarding is more fun on a board rather than in a shopping cart.

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EA's new 'Skate' is a free-to-play live service game

It won't be pay-to-win and none of the map will be behind a paywall.

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willium425507d ago

Can you please share us an image depicting the issue?

boing1507d ago

I kind of like the idea of free, social skateboarding game in an open world.

sourOG507d ago

Lmao of course… that blows

Inverno507d ago

I mean it could work. They could easily sell branded cosmetics which could pull in quite a bit of money if done right, but I can't say I'm not a bit disappointed. I'll try it cause I really like the series, but it'll suck if this fails cause I really like the series lol

Kornholic506d ago

"If done right" lmao. The only way to do that right is to make them unlockable via in game progression.

Inverno506d ago

If done right they can do it like how Minecraft has done it for years and people don't have an issue with how MC does it. I wanna hate on EA just as much as the next guy, but I'll wait until after they ruin Skate to have a negative opinion on it.