Xbox 360: 70-Percent Failure Rate

CheapyD of Cheap Ass Gamer had posted a new poll asking Xbox 360 owners if their consoles had failed. On the CAGcast 110 podcast this week, he reveals the results. Out of a whopping 3000-plus respondents to his poll -- all of the respondents are site registrants and all responses are made public -- the percentage of users whose Xbox 360 had died was nearly 60 percent. Sixty percent! He goes on to say that if you count the number of units that had died the system failure rate is actually 70% due to some people having had multiple 360's die on them.

This is a stupendous number, something that CheapyD and Wombat readily admit is a horrendous embarassment to Microsoft. The kicker? Microsoft still hasn't fixed the problem yet...

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cloud360-7th_account4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

yes but hardcore gamer play to much on there xbox ( i dont like the word sound 360)

so it WOULD happen to them if casual gamers voted it would be around


Obama4740d ago

33% for the casual and 60% for the hardcore, make sense.

supahbad4740d ago

oh yeah, so that means you should just play it for half an hour every other day so you dont have to go out and get a new one. makes sense.

sonarus4740d ago

wtf when will ppl learn polls are not valid methods of taking such statistics. How do we know everyone who voted even had a 360. How do we know if people who voted nay really did have red ring visit them and vice versa

Sarick4740d ago

That's not really an excuse. If you buy a product that your intending to use for say 5 years it should last 5 years even if you do use it more then average.

Given this consoles life cycle it should've lasted at least 5 years before breaking.

If you look at it that percentage should be based on failure rate within the life cycle of the unit.

if consoles are failing within the first year thats 100% devided by 5. You come up with 20% per year of use. If they die on the first year that measures out to 20% of the life cycle. That leaves 80% of the consoles life unaccountable.

This represents how reliable a product really is. A 5 year life cycle is a lower then average rating but if your product was designed to run 5 years at least and it's breaking on the first that's unacceptable. People don't need a failure rate to figure a reliability rating. Just use the above math and measure how long you owned your console within the 5 years before it broke. If it's never broke it has 100% good for you!

godofthunder104740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

the 360 had a 33% failure rate but after they released the newer models it went down below 10%.this 70% failure rate that they are talking about isn't even fact,hell if you are a ps3 owner and hated the 360 you could still say that you had a 360 and it failed on you even if you never had a 360 and this is probaly what happened.the facts are that the 360 never had a failure rate past 40%,it stayed around 33% until they started releasing the new models and it droped below 10% and this is a fact all you have to do is check into it instead of beliving this riduclious poll.if anyone belive that some ps3 fans didn't call in and say that they had a 360 and it failed on them and they never even owned one is fooling their selfs or they are the ps3 fans that called in.stop beliving these stupid a** posts because the fact say the complete opposite,hell a few months ago on this same site they said that the 360 defective rate droped below %10 and it wasn't done like this dum a** way it was done by differnet electronic mags and inter sites not some dum a** call in like this was done.this was done by some ps3 fan just to try and start up more crap,hell he was probaly the first one to call in.the facts shows that the defective rate of the 360 dropped,it didn't get ant higher like he's claiming.he needs to stop starting sh*t and start telling the truth.
i've read one reply where one said that any console that's suppose to last 5 years shouldn't break to after 5 years.well i like to know what he thinks about the first 2 ps.when ps first came out they had a defected drive in them,it would read can't read dics even when it was a new system and game sometimes, and they had a high defected rate to it was in the 30% range and sony even tryed to deny that the ps had a bad drive until it got to bad.the worst part about this is unlike microsoft sony never gave people an extra warrinty if it broke after 3 months you were stuck with it,hell i went through 5 in less then 2 years but sony did finaly fixed the probalem after the first year and a half but the people that bought the consoles on launch was just stuck with them,so if ps fanboys want to admit it,at least microsoft is trying to help their customers when they gave them a 3 year warrinty and sony didn't do a damn thing to help theirs.the ps2 had problems with them to,it wasn't as bad as the first ps but they did have problems with the ps2.i'll admit that the ps3 is the most dependable game console that was every made but it took sony 3 generations of console to do it and the people that had some problem with it is really to few to mention.i know that that the 360 had a high defective rate but anyone in his right mind knows that 70% is just bullsh*t it never got over 40% and the newer 360s that's out has a defective rate below 10%.i know that ps3 fanboys don't like the 360 and belives that the ps3 is better in evey way even when the programers their selfs said that the 360 does something better then the ps3 and vice versa but people should admit the truth and say something is a lie if it is,if this same pole was done on the ps3 it would probaly have about a 50% to 60% defective rate because 360 fans would call in just like the ps3 called in on this one.hell i don't like sony or the ps3 but i'll admit that the ps3 is a dependable system with good games and i wish that some ps3 games was on the 360 and i know that ps3 fanboys like some games on the 360 and they wish that it was on the ps3 but they will never admit it and it's just childish.

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marionz4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

i have played mine for around 2 - 3 hours every night since ive had it, nearly two years, sometimes theres the odd night where i play it 5 or so hours, and never had a problem, im not like the hardcore players who do plays 10+ hours a day, my friend clocked bioshock in an evening and spends about 12 hours a day on his, yes it red ringed but im not surprised, clocking in that kind of game play time is just lame
my mum is also a casual gamer and shes had her 360 15mths without a problem, you can make ur 360 last longer even if you have a faulty one it usually comes down to your gameing habbits and the environment the console is in.
yes it sucks about the failure rate but you cant trust a stupid poll for acurate results.

Lifendz4740d ago

Even if these numbers are inflated it's still too high. MS, you really dropped the ball on this.

Lifendz4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Let me see if I understand what you're saying. Because you only play your 360 a few hours a day as opposed to the guy that clocks in 8 plus hours a day, you're saying the extended time is the reason for the 360 breaking?

That's the worst form of justification for a malfunction I've ever heard of. Suppose a TV broke if you watched more than 4 hours a day. I suppose the traditional family that doesn't watch tv would be fine and everyone else would be screwed.

Suppose a car broke down after a hour of driving. Wouldn't affect people that drive less than that but it's still no excuse.

You guys need to stop trying to spin this into being the consumers fault. It is not the consumers fault. MS released faulty hardware. You keep making excuses for them and you're telling them it's okay to make something that breaks if you use it.

BTW, I too am a casual gamer (no more than 6 hours a week) BUT I would be really upset with Sony if PS3s were breaking left and right like 360s are and I would not try to spin it into being the hardcore gamers fault for using their console too much. I mean, what the heck do you spend upwards of 300 bucks for if not to use these things?

DRUDOG4740d ago

A bubble for your second post lifendz (not that you really needed it though!) cause I agree totally. It really is pathetic that some people would defend a company with such horrible quality or purchase a system knowing it's bound to break and hoping that it doesn't. A person shouldn't need to monitor how long they game or what to play because it might break their 360. It's amazing (not in a good way) that MS blew it to begin with. It's even more shocking that the problem still continues at all. I've been "this close" to getting a 360 a few times, but I just cannot justify giving my money to a company that basically "threw" all Xbox owners away with the first console and then totally screwed up the quality of the second one.

I only know two people with a 360 and both bought launch/early versions. Now they are on their third and fourth systems. Friend "A" actually has two 360's, the second purchased when the first one went tits up. His second 360, an Elite, also RRoD'ed. Both friends have had replacement systems RRoD within the first month of return. Both of them are "hardcore" gamers, but they do not play on them for 8-12 hours per day. Both of them now have PS3's and have pretty much given up on MS to get it right.

Why is this story any different than all the other ones? Both of these guys were huge MS fans. Both owned Xbox's, one never owned another console besides the Xbox and the other owned other consoles, but hated Sony. Both guys are huge FPS/squad-based shooter fans and they've given up on the 360. MS has begun to start losing their core audience and better wake up before it's too late. If their problem isn't corrected by the end of the 360's life cycle, it could seriously affect the attitude towards future MS consoles. What gamer is ever going to forget the way MS f'd up? Who will ever forget the lingo? RRoD, coffins and "Max" (or whatever it's name is) the automated MS answering machine. I don't want to see MS fail like some. Competition is important for the industry and really makes us gamers the real winners with all the choices we now have.

CrazedFiend4740d ago

16%, 33%, 60 - 70%, who cares. Anything over 5% failure is way too much for ANY electronic good. Yet people still buy, knowing that they may be getting something broken.

Oh how gamers love Russian Roulette!

Trust me, the problem would have quickly been fixed a year ago if people had just stopped buying the broken hardware like they would have any other product. I mean really, have you ever seen this phenomenon happen with ANY other electronic good?

These people clearly enjoy being invaded from behind.

Don't people realize that not buying, and not getting their broken units repaired would force the company to focus their efforts on solving the problem if they want to continue that business.

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are all in the same boat. If they're making units that are broken, then people shouldn't be buying them. There should have been a sales crash as soon as the problem became mainstream. They should be FORCED to fix their problem to uphold the quality we should be (but apparently are not) expecting of them. By us continuing to buy and repair our units even after we KNOW there is a problem, what message are we as consumers sending to these companies. Obviously that hardware quality does not matter in our decisions.

Honestly, I don't believe this post. The responses could be 100% fanboy for all I know. I think the post is a deliberate attempt at fanboy warfare. I could care less. But that doesn't mean that there is not a problem here that, although seemingly widely known, seems to be treated as more of a joke than anything else.

But please take a time out to think about this for a moment. Sure, right now it's one company with some hardware issues. But if that company still manages to make a decent, or in this case, pretty damn good profits off of broken hardware, what incentive is there for ANY of those companies to release quality hardware in their NEXT generation efforts?

That's the problem I'm looking at. I'm not sending mine back until either the problem is fixed, or the 3 years is just about up.

Until then, those games I got, as much as I love them, will just have to collect dust on the shelf and my friends will just have to hear from me by email.

EZCheez4740d ago

Awesome second post, and I couldn't agree more.

Myself having a pretty slack government job at the moment includes a lot of time for gaming, and you had better be sure I take advantage of it. I should not be considered the one at fault when my 360 dies after four days (seriously, brand new HDMI falcon chip version) of serious gaming.

I refuse to be the one to blame because my 360 couldn't handle two days in a row of 3 hours of Gears of War. That is ridiculous.

jadenkorri4740d ago

I have 1 question....where do polls come from?
seriously are you so f'in retarded? .. The 360 is a bad console which only has a large library going for it...and would be number 1 out there if MS had waited awhile or released round the same time as the ps3 did...then it prob would not fail as much as problems would have been discovered in beta.. Sony did fix the ps1 problems sooner than you said and the percentage did not go as high as 30% for ps1 failures...its unfortunate that you bought 5 ps1 in less than 2 years...just bad luck and ya i would be pissed too..however failure rates for products no matter who they are are gonna have a failure rate...Nintendo and Sony have kept their rates for failure rates low...looking at MS with a failure rate as high as 33% is unacceptable and if its true that the failure rate is higher for gamers playing longer compared to a average player... that in itself says everything for the 360... it was put together quickly and put for sale, i doubt any proper beta testing was done or very little was... BTW your comment on sony taking 3 generations to get it got it right the first time...ps1 beat out Nintendo and the launch of the ps2 more than murdered Nintendo and even killed off the xbox...yes the xbox which came out AFTER the should have been better but it wasn't...then MS releases this 360 while the ps2 is still dominating and the 360 held its ground against the ps2 but ultimately beat it out due to only having better graphics...personally i would hope it would beat the ps2 since it came out 6 years after the ps2...
This is MS 2nd generation in consoles and they have not done it right at all...maybe the 3rd will be better but until than a polls a poll, they polled people and got results...i highly doubt MS gonna release the actual figure for failure rates of there own product..Its up to consumers and the people to get the word out...but then fanboys come out and dismiss it by saying that its a poll by ps3 fanboys and the whole thing is a hoax...truth is any poll out there is not 100% legit in the first place...Ex Pres Bush is like the best example...

CrazedFiend4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Yeah man, I've been reading about your 4 day horror story for days now, and I do think that is truly tragic.

But I don't feel sorry for you. Not in the least.

Being that you're a member of this site with sooo many bubbles means that you HAD to know of the 360's problems BEFORE you bought it, right?

And you bought it anyway, right?

That's why I blame you for your problems.

But unlike so many others I see around here, you've pulled your pants up. I know you feel sore, but one shot in the rear was enough for you, right?

I'm happy to see that.

Viva la revolution my friend.

theredfoxisquick4721d ago

"33% for the casual and 60% for the hardcore, make sense"


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Silellak4740d ago

Not the most scientific poll, but still interesting/depressing results.

Probably a bit bias, since people tend to be more likely to vote if their console broke than if it didn't, but even so, that means the result is probably more realistically 40-50%.

I always said that even 33% sounded too low to me.

poos34740d ago

whats stopping sonyfanboys on voting on this pol? as they own th enet nothing this polls means nothing and is bais NEXT

Gamingisfornerds4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Right on the money.

uxo224740d ago

First off, there are over 17 mln 360s sold. Of those they only polled 3000 people.

Second as we all know, typically the only people that are going to take the poll are people that have had their system break. Those who has not had a system break would likely not waste their time.

Third, did you have to register with a serial number and then the people who ran the poll verify the serial to ensure accuracy?

Fourth, how would they control just anyone from taking the poll and putting in bogus information.

Fifth, did they break the poll down to determine which revision of 360 was failing or reported to have failed. Or are they basing their sampling on "3000+" units regardless of revision and doing a broad average. If that's the case, then the poll is even more worthless that I initially thought. Especially since the the sampling is based on less than 1/2 of 1 percent of the units out there. (I looked for the poll results but couldn't find them.)

This type of poll is a waste of time and doesn't serve to do anything but to ignite the methane "flamewar" gas that is already in the air. I think as intelligent readers, we should not accept this type of crap and ignore this ignorant type of news and perhaps pollsters and bloggers would post better quality materials. Instead of posting a bunch of angry personal opinions. (Just a thought) Sorry for the quick appearance on the soap box, couldn't resist.

I'm not saying that the 360 has a reliability problem, we ALL already know that MS screwed the pooch by rushing this thing out. But, as quickly as we say that, we must also give them credit for the things that they have done to try and rectify the problem.

LJWooly4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

You say "NEXT", poo, yet still comment on this piece of 'news', so I think it's obvious that deep down, you really care. Lots.

MikeGdaGod4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

this is a little off topic but it gets me whenever i see this.

MS said they shipped 18 mil, but there's no way they sold anywhere near that many. too many people have had to replace their systems.

i bought my 360 with a warranty from Best Buy. with them, if your 360 breaks you don't have to send it in to MS, they just give you a new one. the first 360 had disk read errors, Best Buy gave me a new one off the shelf. the second 360 got the RRoD, Best Buy gave me a new one off the shelf. that counts for three 360's for me, even though i only bought one.

this has been happening all over the country. 360's are moving off the shelves, but its partly because people that have warranties from stores, just get new units off the show floor.

i doubt 17 mil have been actually sold. more like 13-14 mil, 15 mil at the most. remember MS reports shipped, not sold.

uxo224740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Yo dude, whatever man

I'm not here to discuss with you how your life went and what you had to do with your 360s. All I was saying is that the survey/poll is misleading because the surveyors didn't take the time to considers the different revisions and come up with a scientific approach to how they were going to present their results.

But, if you choose to see it a different way, for whatever reason you go right ahead and do so. I am not going to debate you on this matter simple because there's nothing to debate. This poll serves only to create a flamewar. So, enjoy it. I'm donning my fireproof suit.

Later for you man.

CrazedFiend4740d ago

I agree with you about the poll. Who knows how many fanboys submitted false claims just to watch the numbers grow. This and any other poll like it is nothing but flame bait.

But, as you said, we know there's a problem. What have we...what have YOU done about that problem?

I'm sorry, I cannot applaud MS yet for their efforts. What have they done so far? The have offered us a guarantee. What is a guarantee? It's the companies insurance to us that IF our unit breaks, it will be replaced with a WORKING unit.

How many people have you read about, or do you know, who have had their broken box replaced with another broken box, to have it replaced by another broken box, to have it replaced by another?

That's not a guarantee my friend. That is a way to buy time. 3 years of time. Why do they need 3 years? Do you really think that they're using this three year grace period we've given them to concentrate on fixing the problem? I don't think so. Not fully anyway.

Do you not think that if they had seen a significant drop in sales when this problem first went mainstream, that the problem would not have been completely fixed by now? Come's been more than a year now.

As long as a company is still making a decent financial gain on a product, broken or otherwise, there is no true incentive to fix the problem quickly.

So yeah, this poll may be BS, but as long as we allow there to be a problem like this, these BS polls aren't going anywhere.

RJ20004740d ago

Agreed on both statements. I am a follwer in your beliefs actually (using it on EA right now). Being a computer guy, I noticed this problem with Microsoft even before the 360 came out, but I am still surprised at how bad they rushed this system.

These poll numbers mean nothing. They just want to catch our eye that the 360 failure rates (no matter what they are) are too high. Anything over 5% (like someone else said) is way too high. The advantage M$ has in this situation is that the Gamer Community has loose walets and will complain but still buy MULTIPLE systems. I laugh at the people that say they are not "hardcore" gamers, but the fact that you do not play a lot doesn't mean you are not "hardcore". After all you are reading this aren't you?

I dont know what it is about this audience but sometimes I get the feeling they are less educated or just love to spend money (the American way).

uxo224739d ago

I agree with both of your points of view.

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Kaz Hirai4740d ago

Wow, those Microsoft MEAT-HEADS just can't do anything right!
Sony Soldiers do not have to worry about this kind of NONSENSE- Emperor Kutaragi and King Kaz care about their customers!
PIGS- where are your standards?


tidus0074740d ago

is fit just for repair shop


70% defect rate . This means that out of those 17 million xbug 3 FIX MEs only 8/9m could be alive now

what a shame

besides that x360 has no games for this year. POOR XTARDS ---300K of them already lost 100s of $ each on defunct HD DVD addon

lawman11084740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

I have had 2 RROD and yes, is pi$$es me off however I still LOVE my 360 and the games that are on it. Still have my PS3 (60gb) and even bought the DS3 controler (how the hell do you enjoy COD4 without that?) and it still collects dust. I may buy MLB The show and I will buy MGS4 but thats all I see getting this year 2 whole games. The 360 RULES NA and 1/2 of Europe, the truth hurts. OUCH

tidus0074740d ago

@lawman dont own a PS3.


PS3 rules x360 all over EU including UK and Australia.

X360 doesnt even exist in EU at the moment. It barely exists in UK. However PS3 now sells more than GARBBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME in UK too. In USA PS3 outsold xFIX ME last JANUARY

On The 13th when NPD is released expect PS3 to beat X360 by atleast 100k/50k

X360 NOW rules ONLY THE REPAIR SHOPS. It has 0 games . The 3 games it has are BETTER ON PC. It has 0 exclusive games for 2008 and beyond

On the other hand we have R2,KZ2 ,MGS4,WKS ---all big games of 2008 are PS3 exclusive


DONT pretend that you own a PS3. YOU OWN A DEFECTIVE BOX 3 FIX ME ( a console that is nOW DEAD in all territories including USA)

COD 4 is also better on PS3 ( 9.6 vs 9.5 at GAMEZONE)

iAmPS34740d ago

"Everytime I clap my hands one Crapbox 3rdFixMe dies."
What a shame PIGS!!!! MS should give all your money back, they should make HALO and Gears for the PSP (which has plenty hardware for those games) and have you PIGS play on a better hardware.

Don't think you SWINES can spend you money on the PS3 yet, you must redeem yourselves first.

JBaby3434740d ago

Remember a console that works is waiting just under that sweet black onyx shell. Come to the darkside already.

captainjy4740d ago

You numbnuts are getting it- the 360 can fail, it may fail and if it does fail, we come back. Even with such a failure rate, the 360 still outsells your pig slop. That's the difference between us 360 guy and you POS3 girls- we are loyal because our console is just that much better.

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Captain Tuttle4740d ago

I'd bet that 100% of the launch consoles will fail within the 3 year warranty time. I have 98 people on my friend's list and only 2 (I think) have their original machine.

vasilisk4740d ago

The real question is this. Since we're in x360's 3rd year, who will compensate the gamers that rushed and picked the x360 at launch and will die after the three year warranty.
There is only one right thing to do here because the problem is going to get much more serious three years after the launch, and that is to cover three years from the time the console is fixed/replaced. That is the only way that they can convince me that they trust their product, and that if I buy one I will be covered and will not throw my money away.
Probably this will cost them another billion or two but that's not the consumers problem that trusted 250-500$ to a microsoft product that clearly should have been taken back to the drawing board...

THAMMER14740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

6 have announced RROD. 2 or 3 have had disk read errors.

I think internet polls are pointless. Fanboys of all types spam the polls. 70% is absurd.

The 3 year waranty begins when you report the RROD to M$ not from the date of purchase.

RJ20004740d ago

THAMMER that makes no sense that 3 years starts when you report. It starts once you buy your 360. That is common sense, you might get an extension when you get it back after sending it in. If that is what you are talking about that does make sense.

heyheyhey4740d ago

if this sample is representative of the whole install base then HOLY SH!T!!!!!


LOL. you are becoming a strong fanboy. I see you're bubbles are moving up! congrats! as mine go down.... f*ck this fanboy filled PoS website.

heyheyhey4740d ago


i use logic in my posts and i don't make up random sh!t

you, while very amusing, make up a load of bullcrap and nonsense- i know you are joking and you don't really mean it, but it probably offends many people and that's why you are forced to make 100 different accounts to keep your bubble count up

and what was so fanboyish about this particular post?- it's true that if this 70% figure was representative of the entire install base then that is just pathetic on M$'s part

lawman11084740d ago

HEY HEY HEY.......... Loser, this is a POC site when A-holes like you keep your bubbles

Snukadaman4740d ago

This is only just a sample of the user base with no proof that the 70% do in fact own xbox 360' this site im sure theres a number of that 70% are full of sheit...on another note I have been banned from the gamer zone with no explanation whatsoever..but whatever...I feel the moderators are quite dense in their judgement and maybe a few of their "friends" slip the cracks...which is just fine by me considering if I was a moderator I would do the exact same thing.

heyheyhey4740d ago

why the hell are you people getting so offended

i said IF i repeat IF this 70% was true for the entire install base then holy crap, IF


and lawman- you sounded mighty intelligent there son, you vocabulary was excellent and you certainly kept calm- which is why i should have one bubble and you should have 20


face it- only reason you don't like me is that i think the PS3 is better than the 360, and it hurts you right here *points at chest*

Stubacca4740d ago

I feel really sorry for all X-box 360 owners, fanboys and gamers alike.

Like HeyHeyHey said, IF this is representative of the whole install base then this is truly a shocking revelation. Everyone I know who has a 360 (10 folk or so) has had it fail on them. That's my personal observation.

And yeah, as consumers it's important to recognise that M$ and their loyal fanbase have a big, big problem.

The Killer4740d ago

u r still alive?? i thought u were a goner!!

well i think 70% is still a reasonable number!!
remember people when MS was shipping 10million 360 the RROD disaster problem still didnt show up, so there was at least 10 million console(360) out their with systematic terrible architecture, and those who hadn't their 360 die on them in 2007 will die on them in 2008, and even with the new 360(although they fix many parts that caused problems) still have problems.
i really doubt anybody who owned a 360 in the last 2 years didnt have RROD, and if half miracle happened then they will get the RROD by this year!

i think the real percentage is 80~90%
i feel sorry for them!!

JBaby3434740d ago

You can't blame them. I'd be pretty upset too if my console kept breaking.

@ pwnzored I'm guessing you're the same one that had the other little girl with the banana. Different girl same concept. Thank you for NOT being a PS3 person.

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