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G4MERS:"Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 is a cheap game, ugly game, and a game is a game for once. Although the title is based on the graphics engine CryEngine 3, is on the TV / monitor does not see. Compartmentalization of the story, corridor locations and multi frighteningly weak - that's the Sniper: Ghost Warriror 2 is."

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Blaze9292097d ago

I couldn't disagree more with this review. Seems maybe they just didn't know how to play. I'm 3 missions in and I'm loving every bit about this game. The fact that it's only $39.99 USD as well is an even better bonus - saved $20 bucks.

Skate-AK2097d ago

Haha the translation in the description is un-readable.

zpoc2097d ago

i dunno, "and a game is a game for once" reads pretty clear to me.

TooTall192097d ago

Completely disagree with the review. The HUD and controls are very good. Graphics are average. Gun models look nice. While there isn't much variety, I enjoy the campaign much more than most linear campaigns. Keep in mind I don't play these type of games for the story, which isn't anything new.

masa20092097d ago

I watched extensive walkthrough footage, and the game does seem even more linear than the first.
The first has plenty of invisible walls, but it still had areas a little larger than a standard shooter.

Here they allude to just 2 levels, one in Tibet and one in Bosnia, that are more open, but I wonder to what extent they are open since the rest is so narrow.

TooTall192097d ago

Yeah they are linear, and most of the time the enemies are displayed on the map before you get to them.

MidnytRain2097d ago

Why are these even approved?

TheGrimOfDeath2096d ago

Everyone has their own opinions on the game dude.

deadfrag2097d ago

This guy does not know how to play,why the hell is he always on prone or down,dont even know how to scope...

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