More Game Studios Going Under

2012 was a great year for gaming, however for some studios, not so much. Over twenty gaming studios closed down last year leaving their mark on the industry forever. We'll remember the games they made, some good, some bad, and thank them for the innovation and inspiration they contributed in the gaming world.

gamerlive4109d ago

Good article but hate to see game devs close.

BitbyDeath4108d ago

Same, that said i'd still have a good snigger if they closed EA down.

3-4-54108d ago

That is what happens when you decide to make a watered down version of somebody's game and only focus on a few aspects that made the original great instead of keeping an open and creative mind.

Those that give us something new that makes us think a bit this gen will have a huge head start.

creHEARTive4109d ago

this is really sad and I hate to see this happen to so many awesome developers. This is also going to shy people away from taking chances with games which is going to suck.

RTheRebel4108d ago

With the rise of development costs, expect more to go down under.

Cajun Chicken4108d ago (Edited 4108d ago )

This is a bit of a poor article and doesn't actually mention any of the so called 'More Game Studios Going Under' or even any remotely in danger, or even any theory why. Just a round up of 2012's which has been covered in the past numerous times.

Kalowest4108d ago

3 of them were Sony first party studios.

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Games Need To Stop Announcing Too Early

There are a number of issues that arise whenever games decide to announce early so let's go over some of them to find out why this is a bad practice.

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phoenixwing23h ago

To be honest I'd rather know stuff is in the works but other ppl throw fits over it so it's whatever

porkChop11h ago

I'd rather they announce a game when it's like 3 months away. Quick little advertising campaign, round of interviews, gameplay deep dive, and a launch trailer. That's all you need. Cheaper marketing rather than wasting resources trying to maintain hype over like 4 years.

SimpleDad11h ago

Also, it's more likely that people will be hyped up and make an impulse purchase, or a preorder if the release date is announced.

Hotpot10h ago

Not announcing too early also contributes to better work environment. I’m in IT and there’s just too many crunch happened because some higher ups set a hard deadline way too early down the line.

franwex10h ago

Yeah. Fallout 4 announcement was great. Announced during the summer and it came out fall of the same year.

stalnox6h ago

The same thing happened with Witchbrook, its been multiple years and nothing. No updates at all, really. It's nice to know something is coming, but waiting for 5+ years for info isn't really fun


PS Plus Premium Update Adds 3 Classic PS2 Games

The PlayStation Plus Premium library is updated to add three classic PlayStation 2 games to the lineup.

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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Year 6 Season 1 Trailer

Looks like some solid action ahead as Ubisoft announced the launch of Year 6, Season 1 for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. After a massive health overhaul from Project Resolve in Year 5, Year 6 gives players a fresh approach when playing The Division 2.

just_looken1d 8h ago

Year 6 yet the pc version still crashes



5yrs to 3 months still crashing

Garethvk1d 3h ago (Edited 1d 3h ago )

I had an issue after one update where the game looked muted like a filter was on. It had not been there before and after years I playing just fine I deleted it when all the usual fixes did not work and got their usual nothing support response.

just_looken17h ago

On ps4 i think its still uploaded i had the world disappear was walking on air had to do a full reinstall.

Remember last year a division 2 update had to be pulled because it corrupted there own servers.

Garethvk13h ago

Glitches were common after updates; that is for sure.