25 New Ridge Racer 7 Screens

The PlayStation 3 launch is just over a month away. To celebrate, Namco-Bandai and GamePro have teamed up to bring you a heaping helping of Ridge Racer 7 goodness. Enjoy the eye candy!

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Jakens5900d ago (Edited 5900d ago )

Namco should do a new type of racing game without drifting in it or not as much. It should be a huge open world and be called "New Race Open" or perhaps N.R.O.

unleash bass5900d ago

Doesn't mean this will be any good the ridge racer game BLOW! they should be left back in the 80's along with Outrun.

We have come to expect more from our games, than unrealistically sliding around bends. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.