Pentagon Bans Google From US Bases

CNN's Barbara Starr reports on the Pentagon ordering Google off U.S. military bases in the name of security.

"The Pentagon said that Google (NSDQ: GOOG)'s Street Views is a threat to national security and made Google pull images taken on streets near U.S. military bases. Google complied with the governmental order, even though the images were taken from public streets."

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Bill Gates3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Government is getting too big, while the BABOONS brains get smaller......AHAAHHAHAHHAHAHHA

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Massacre3967d ago

Google is getting too good. First some country banned their youtube service. Now, pentagon is banning them ?

BrianC62343966d ago

I don't believe this story. Google is the most useful site on the Internet. Not letting the Pentagon use it would really be stupid. How else will they find anything? Every other search engine is horrible.

likeaboss3023966d ago

Did you read the article or just the headline? They are stopping Google from taking images of US Military bases. Which is totally logical. I'm sure China is opening up their bases to Google....oh that's right Google does what China says.

You can still do a Google search on a PC at the Pentagon or on base.

Danja3967d ago

when did Google become a National

heyheyhey3967d ago


how does this relate to gaming huh? if i wanted this kind of thing i would go to


this article is f*cking retarded. Why post this?

But anyway, I might as well chime-in. F*ck the US Government, but it makes sense to ban google from showing the A-rabs and jew bombers our military bases.

Jeromejones3967d ago

are you high??! Jews are like Americas best friends. They rule the country for goodness sakes. thats why America lets them cling to
Israel. Lol Its all a conspiracy....


Ooops. I accidentally disagreed with you. I meant to agree, but when I saw the "high" question, I reached for the disagree button, and by the time I heard you bash the jews it was already too late. DAMN. My bad.

It is true that the Zionists control everything. The media, fake news, fake wars, hollywood, government, and our politics and policies. It's a total joke to them and the people in power.

It's also funny watching the idiots on this site pretend to be Osama, oops, I mean Obama, or Clinton like they're anything but braindead puppets out there to confuse us come election day to begin with. Just like the Bush Regime with the fake election and war. It's all a joke and fake. It's all designed to manipulate us to do as they please. Endless War FTW.

ozhuerta3966d ago

I must say this is the first time I agree 100% with you.
Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone.

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The story is too old to be commented.