Hot Or Not - A Girl Gamers Look At The Man Candy in Games...

After thinking about the games I most enjoy and what I consider to be the predominant male characters in them, I decided (in a very shallow girly manner) to compare them slightly.

Probably one of the most recognised characters in video game history, the gaming worlds very own Chuck Norris; is of course the Master Chief. I was introduced to The Chief around 2004, just before the release of Halo 2. As a slightly bewildered noobette, I could not comprehend the hype behind this game or the character.

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Harry1903964d ago

other games before halo2,she should know.
my oh my,what a poor COMMENT.

SpaceCowgirl3964d ago

Hotness Scale
1. Dante (DMC4)
2. Master Chief (Halo 3)
3. Chopin (Eternal Sonata)
4. Ajay (Command and Conquer 3)
5. Rios (Army of Two)
6. The Overlord (Overlord)
7. The King of Cosmos (Beautiful Katamari)
8. Andrew Ryan (Bioshock)
9. Captain Price (Call of Duty 4)
10. Conan (Conan)


[...] And he has said, make the light, and the light was born.
And slightly after comes the 360 huh?

Really, you played anything before that?

SpaceCowgirl3964d ago

It is a 360 exclusive list, if I made all of gaming available in the list I would actually have to sit down and do some serious kanoodlin with my noodle.